Uh Oh.

In Uncategorized on February 17, 2009 at 5:06 pm


I’m getting into the crafty mood. It’s good, but it’s also an Uh Oh, because it’s going to cost money. It always does.

I’m thinking about bookbinding now. Like I’ve mentioned before I’ve always wanted to learn how to book bind, but never gotten around to it. Now’s my chance I’m thinking! Why? Well, I’ve quit my job…and I’m heading onto bigger and better things. I have a job set up for the income tax season as a receptionist for my hubby’s Grandpa (an accountant) but after that the coast is clear.

I applied for a job at the hospital, as a receptionist and found out yesterday that the job is “casual”. This actually suites me just fine. Not sure what the hubby thinks of it just yet. I love the thought of a couple weeks of work, then a week off…or so. That way I can focus on Arbonne and crafting and hopefully steer myself info full time work from the home. Exciting! Lets just see if it pans out…

But my first step in the crafting direction is to buy this book. Creative Bookbinding. A good start I think!



Check out this wicked awesome shop on Etsy….Unless Someone Like You…Scratch off Save the Dates, how on earth can you go wrong?! See what I mean, I NEED to get married again (to the same guy, don’t freak out)!

USLY also makes the invitations in the top picture. Seriously. They’re genious!

  1. I love the scratch off idea, very clever! You have a fantastic blog, too, I look forward to visiting often. 🙂

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