Her Shoes = My Shoes

In Uncategorized on February 24, 2009 at 8:00 pm


Oh my gash.

I need these.

I have you ever watched In Her Shoes? Love love freaking love this movie. In it Cameron Diaz wears a pair of her sisters shoes that are just like these ones…although I’m sure in the movie, they’re Jimmy Choo or something else amazing.

I just found Forever 21 again. I had discovered it before but forgot about it in the meantime. And now that I’ve found it, I’m dying to buy boots and shoes, jeans and cartigans…The prices are really reasonable (or that’s my excuse anyways)!

  1. Dude, if you love that movie, read the book! It’s really good! It’s by Jennifer Weiner, I think. Her books are hilarious.

    ♥ xtine

  2. I actually gave my sister the book a couple years ago, but I haven’t read it myself. I really should!

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