All the Luck

In Uncategorized on February 24, 2009 at 3:38 pm

Some people have all the luck. Black Eyed Suzie is the lucky one this week. Not only does she have a Feature Sellerarticle, but Etsy has also put out a Handmade Portrait video of her creations. Lucky, like I said.

One thing I don’t get though, is why Etsy would feature items similar to the sellers…but NOT the sellers…in the pictures of “Related Items” under the article. In this case, the artist is a doll maker, so posting links / pictures to her dolls is awesome, but to other people’s dolls? Just doesn’t jive with me. Pictures, paintings, other items: sure, why not. But the competition? Nuh uh.

Just my thoughts…


  1. Not sure what you’re talking about. On the front page, the 3 items ARE from the featured seller, blackeyedsuzie. And in the article you linked to, the related items start out with a bunch of her items, and then end with some other sellers… I agree though, if you’re being featured, you don’t want any of your competition taking up the same page.

  2. Hi Amanda (: Thanks for your comment! I was meaning the “related items” UNDER the article, the ones you mentioned started out with the artist’s work and then went into products from other sellers. You’re right, the three items on the front page are from the seller. Thanks for stopping by!

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