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In Uncategorized on March 25, 2009 at 6:28 pm
  • I’m considering getting this hair cut. I’ve booked the appointment, but I might chicken out on such a short style…I’m getting something short for sure, but maybe not quite this short (:
  • I want my own personalized stationary.
  • Sears has the cutes dresses this Spring. I was just looking through their catalog as the car was warming up this morning (-15 again today!) and was super impressed! I’m interested in finding an Etsy seller that would make something similar for me.
  • I’m about to go read this interview.
  • I’m looking into doing the Welcome Wagonas a full time job when I’m done at my husbands office. Hopefully between that, Arbonne and Etsy, I’ll be able to work out of the house full time!
  • I have two new favorite daily reads: Old But New  and Wunderbug.
  1. Ok, that haircut is seriously sexy! Wow! I love it, and it seems to fit your style. Don’t you have pretty long hair? Mine is a medium length, and I am so sick of it, I’m also ready to chop it off!

  2. I have pretty long hair, the longest layers are chest length. It’s kinda scarry to get it all chopped off, but I’ve had short styles before and I loved it! The low maintenance is the biggest thing for me (: I’m just sick of having to spend at least 20 minutes just doing my hair! Thanks Twiddle (: I’ll be posting pictures next week!

  3. i heard arbonne is really great and rich.

  4. Awww, I’m a favorite!!! Thank you, katelynjane, you are so sweet. And so is that hairstyle!

    I’ve been fawning over this style for about a year, but I don’t have the nerve.

  5. Kim: Arbonne is GREAT, you’ll see the quality as soon as you use the product. And it’s really not that much more than the shops! Let me know if you’re interested in trying some samples and I’ll send you some!

    OldBNew: You’re welcome! You should totally get that hair style! It’s so cute and it would grow out really well if you wanted longer hair afterwards! And if you really didnt’ like it you can always take Vitamin B’s to help your hair grown EVEN faster! 😀

  6. what a cute hairstyle…i saw the movie Tokyo! last night and I was considering getting the haircut that one of the stars had…it’s at this link, the second picture from the top http://asianmediawiki.com/Ayako_Fujitani

  7. Melroska: I love that hair style! I haven’t seen that movie, but I love the style you linked to, very cute! Do it girl, I’m all about the short styles right now (:

  8. hiya! sorry i’m a big slow up the uptake, but thanks for the bloggy love!

    and ps – i LOVE that haircut. love, love, love.

  9. That’s ok! My hair appointment is on Tuesday, I’m SO excited! 😀

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