~It Works~

In Uncategorized on March 27, 2009 at 3:00 pm

First day, and already I’m seeing Twitter in action! I found this event from a Etsy seller I’m following on Twitter and I’m blogging about it, there: Twitter Works!

Here’s a SUPER great Etsy event that’s happening tonight, just go take a peek and see if you can be involved! It’s really easy and so much fun! Like a secret treasure hunt, or jumping out to scare someone and then laughing your head off at their frightened expression (Yes, I still do this and yes, I laugh SO hard!).

You always wonder about these different promotional sites. Do they really work? Is all the hype ligit? Will it work for me? Well, I figure, if it works for so many other people, it’s bound to start working for me at some point!

  1. Boy, if that really worked I’d be all over it. Still trying to figure out how to make any of that happen.


  2. It’s so easy to start a Twitter account, and since I started yesterday, I already have 13 people “following” me. It might not be much compared to Martha Stewart 😀 but I think it’s a success so far! And if I’m paying attention to the other Twitter’ers out there, I’m sure one…at least…of my followers is paying a little attention to me too. But it’s all where you want to put your effort and what you feel is beneficial.

  3. welcome to twitter! i just started following you today. 🙂 it took me a lil while to get used to it (and, admittedly, i felt kind of stupid tweeting things like ‘eating breakfast now’ etc, because i was one of those critics who were seriously all ‘who cares what you’re doing 24/7?’)

    but i’ve seen various twitter personalities, which really opened up my eyes to what twitter is and how i can be used. now i quite like it!

  4. Thanks! I saw you were following me (: I see what you mean about posting your minute-to-minute-doings, but we’ll see how my twittering comes along, maybe one day I’ll be posting my breakfast activites 😀 My hubby thinks that Twitter is just another excuse to waste time, but I’m convinced that it will be fun and help with blogging!

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