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My Heart is Hollow

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Last week I received a prize in the mail! This squiggly heart is from Bird From A Wire. I visited her blog a while back and entered a contest she was hosting and received one of the hearts she was giving out (: Yay! I love winning things!

Little Things

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There’s little things that bother me

like a messy smile

or tiny trees.

There’s little things that bother me

like big numbers

or an old key.

The little things like

pizza sauce

or purple grapes.

Broken glass

or old tapes.

These little things

they take up space

fill my mind,

feel out of place.

These little things

I should discard.

Live my life

just play hard.

-By Me


Snowy Spring Time

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Is there something wrong with these pictures?! Yesterday was the first day of SPRING! And my little, lovely, homey…freaking cold town…is in the middle of a blizzard.

I took Cobie out for a walk last night and decided to document the warm spring weather. It was a nice night though, as much as I would love green grass in replacement.

Sense of Humor

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My husband has inherited his Dad and Grandpa’s sense of humor. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not…It’s a different sense of humor, they’ll crack jokes that aren’t really that funny but because they find themselves funny, you’ll laugh.

Here’s an example.

We’re sitting having coffee break today, and Grandpa, who’s name is Art, turns and says to me out of the blue, and with a little smirk on his face: “Some people study Art”.

Or here’s another one.

I told my husband he should go and by him self some new underwear (sorry, hope that’s not T.M.I) and he sighs and says “But I just bought socks!”.

See, it’s a weird sense of humor! I should have been more aware of what I was in for when I was dating my hubby.




These are the necklaces I was working on the night before last! Like I said, I’m so glad they turned out (: Here’s the shop that I bought more stuff from yesterday…I’m seriously so excited for it to arrive but I have a feeling that I’ll be waiting  a little while since the border is always holding things up a little too long. Oh well, all in due time.

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I’m going to be adding some card packs to the shop soon…and making more on the Gocco too!

The jewellry I made last night turned out really well! I was really excited about the end result and ordered more necklace parts, beads and such this afternoon. I know this is going to be another hobby I’m going to fall in love with (:

Finally Doing it!

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Well, I’ve found the needle nose pliers, which is hopefully the tool I need to make a necklace (who knows, but I’ll try it and see how it goes).

See the yellow beads? I made them! They turned out pretty good, they may need a varnish of some sort, another something I have to try out.

The hubby is working tonight so I’ll be busy watching a movie and trying out some jewelry making. Oh! And I bought a bunch of beads today off of Etsy. I love getting parcels in the mail (probably half the reason I order off of Etsy!) so I can’t wait till they arrive!


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I had to post this one too, amazing isn’t it?? I love the feel and the movement in it. The colors are perfect! I could look at this picture all day (:

inner torment

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Originally uploaded by mariehochhaus

Love this photo!! Check out the rest of this artists work, some pretty amazing stuff!!


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I love the Gift Guides! I was checking them out this evening, as I was watching The Mentalist (awesome show!!). They’re a great way of finding new favorites.

Finding Deals

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I went shopping while we were away for the weekend and found these great beads. Actually, they’re necklaces…but being an Etsy seller, I see what I could make out of them (: And to make them even better, they were on sale for $2.00 a necklace, ANNNND then Buy One Get One Free. Talk about a deal!

I’m going to be trying out jewelry making as soon as I can find those needle nose pliers…