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Q:Do bloggers need a code of ethics?

The blogging world is overwhelmed with people getting their opinions out into the webosphere, everyone has their own way of communicating, their own ideas, their own guide to right and wrong. Should there be boundaries, or is this where “free speech” comes into play? And besides that, who would set these boundaries?

Honestly, my thought is that there should be one simple rule: “Treat others as you would want to be treated”. I really think that this covers it all. We wouldn’t want someone bashing our religion, so we don’t do that to another blogger or group of population. We also wouldn’t want someone looking into our Etsy shop and blogging about how they didn’t like itetc. The list could go on and on, but really, just like in real life, if we blog about others how we would want them to blog about us I feel that we’re in the clear.

My mind is questioning this though, asking “But what about debates, acting the Devil’s Advocate?”. So I say “Self, as long as you do just that, act as the DA and don’t bop the receiving person on the head, act maturely, spark a debate, bring interest, but act as the bigger person, it’s fine”.

Does this stop a blogger from outright saying something is wrong? Do they have to stick with “In My Opinion” statements or say “This may be right, it may be wrong…who really knows”? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, not everyone is required to take that for fact. Go ahead and state that you feel something is wrong or right, but be nice about it!

It’s kinda like LIFE.


I’d love to know what your thoughts are on this! Do you agree with me? Dissagree? Tell me why!

  1. An interesting topic! I agree that the biggest rule should be to treat others as you want to be treated, including making sure you attribute your sources. I also agree that there is always room for healthy debate and disagreement. Thanks too for visiting and commenting on Under A Paper Moon! xx

  2. I sometimes worry I’m too bland in my posts, I try so hard to be inoffensive, it’s intimidating when you’re work is tied to your persona. But I have to admit I’ve scoped out juicy blogs for the fun of the controversy on my own time, so they definitely have their own appeal.

  3. “Treat others the way you want to be treated” is the best rule I think. I agree with you Katelyn!

  4. Courtney:”Healthy debate” is a good way to put it! Thanks for coming by!

    OldbutNew: I worry about that too sometimes, but I would rather have neutral entries than offend someone. It IS hard to write when you feel your audience is expecting a certian type of writing from you! I do agree that “juicy” (:)) blogs have an attraction, but I’ve noticed when I read them, the interest only lasts for a short time. Then I move on to more cheery ones…Even in long term benefits for us bloggers, I think that writing “nice” is a biggy.

  5. Interesting topic. I have had a mean comment on my blog where someone was offended by something I did not intend at all. It was surprising, frustrating, and hurtful. But I guess posting things in a public realm can have it’s ups and downs. Those that are offended by something might be better off connecting with the person privately to resolve the conflict.

  6. i try to keep it simple while blogging

  7. i think the golden rule rocks.

    also – i try to keep in mind that while i may try to stay neutral or inoffensive on certain topics, this *is* the interweb and you can’t be so inhibited by such fears that it comes out in your writing. self-censorship has never been conducive to creativity and, in all likelihood, will be disliked by someone, somewhere.


    i just try to move on and take comfort in the fact that while a few may not like me or my style, a) at least i’m genuine about it and b) there are a ton of others out there who *do* like who i am and what i have to say. you can’t be the whole world to everyone, and i’m ok with that.

    a super great blog post to read on this topic that’s funny and to the point is by one of my all-time favourite bloggers: http://tinyurl.com/dcvk63


  8. Just read that entry Courtney, and it was PERFECT! I loved what she had to say, she’s exactly right! You can’t please everyone, someone is bound to get offended by SOMETHING you say. We can’t censor ourselves so much that we stiffle our sense of humor or style. But we do have to be nice and make sure our heart is in the right place (:

    Thanks girl!

    Jess: You should read the link that Courtney provided, it might help you with your ‘non-understanding-commenter’ issues (: I feel ya girl, it’s a hard balance!

    Kim: Keeping it simple is a good philosophy too (:

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