In Uncategorized on April 20, 2009 at 3:31 pm

Hubby and I went camping this weekend, and it was so refreshing to go out of town, escape the busy life and press the “restart” button.

Our camping spot is about 45 minutes out of town and pretty much in the middle of no-where. We love this spot, it’s surrounded by trees, beside a flowing river and really private (other camping spots are down the road, but no where near our spot). My favorite part of the weekend was when we were about to go into the camper for bed, the fire had dwindled down and it was near pitch-black. I looked up at the sky and the stars were so bright and so deep, it was hard to look away. Amazing!

Our dog had so much fun going for a run with the quad, swimming after beavers and wrestling with her friend Dom. She was finally out of energy by the time we got home…that never happens!

And today, real life continues…I’m at work, pretending to work, I had to wake up early, I need to book a hair trim, I’m making lists for Arbonne parties and orders, I’m trying not to think of England because we’re just that much closer (eek!!!)!

I’m being featured on Wunderbug this morning, on Courtney’s “My Story” entry. Take a peek!


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