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Hubby and I are doing a ha-you-ge renovation to our house this summer. After our trip from England, we’ll start tearing down walls, reconstructing some of the rooms, extending the kitchen and dining room…it’s going to be construction kaos at our house!

I’ve been trying to get in the mind set of picking colors and decor ideas for the kitchen and can’t seem to find anything that Hubby and I agree on. Honestly, I just wish he would let me pick because I have good taste and I know he’d like what I would come up with anyways.

Here’s a couple pictures I found on House to Home, I’m really liking the colors they use and the overall style.




I especially love the colors in this last picture, the grey granite counter top and the inset beams.

We have a friend that just took training to create a granite look with concrete. You can use it as counter top or flooring (both would be cool!). I’m thinking I might get him to give me a price on our counter top…in just this look. The grey flecks. I like that. And I’ll have to talk to Hubby about the beams, I’ve always wanted those. We’ll see what he says.

The only problem I see with not only these pictures, but many others I’ve looked at: They don’t show the fridge! I know this sounds like a simple “problem”, but I have to completely shift the floor plan in our kitchen too, and I’m trying to think of where all the appliances should go! It’d be nice to have some help, Magazine People.

Just from seeing how much I like these two pictures, I think I’ve finally decided on white cupboards. Phewf. One decision down, ten million to go!

  1. Love everything about this kitchen… but those beams appear quite out of balance in this photo???

  2. I didn’t notice that! Maybe it’s because they’re made to look natural and so are a bit warped? I’m not sure!

  3. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the lovely & encouraging comment you left on my blog, it was really kind. I love these images you just posted, I dream of a kitchen like this! I’m a big fan of the white cupboards.

  4. Great ideas! I hear you on the decision making…we are building this summer too. It’s going to be crazy, and I will be ready for the loony bin before it’s over! Have fun renovating! When do you leave for your big trip?

  5. You’re welcome Faye (: I’m a big fan of white cupboards too, but my hubby thinks they look cheap. We’re going to have to discuss that a bit more…

    Twiddles! I remember you were doing big building plans this year too. It is so much planning and organizing and debating, it’s a big job! We leave for our trip in a couple of weeks, I can’t wait!

  6. I love the white…I have been converted….

    Last fall I painted my apartment all white and will never go back….

    Though sometimes I find myself envious of a wall painted in an awesome colour!

  7. Ooh, I love the second one too! Especially those adorable curtains. Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous, I can’t wait to see when you get it done. 🙂

  8. Hi Pink: I’m not sure that I’d ever be able to paint my house all white, but I can see how it would look great and really attract the light!

    OButN: I loved the curtians too! They’re really country-quaint in the gingham (: I’ll be posting pictures of our work on the kitchen, but it’s going to take a while to actually look good, I have a feeling!

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