Kitchen Plans

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So I have the day off work today…unexpectedly. It’s slowed down enough at the tax office that they don’t need me anymore, so I have the week off. I’ve told my new job that I’ll be free this week if they need me, but until they let me know if they do or not, I’m free!

I woke up at 5:30 this morning, not on purpose, but I did get up and got a lot done! It’s amazing what a couple more hours in the day will do for your housecleaning!

Right now I’m sitting on the couch, searching through Etsy, and watching Sara’s Cottage. Have you ever seen that show? It’s amazing. This interior designer is completely re-working a family cottage. And it’s making me drool. I’m going to copy her kitchen I’ve decided. It’s just perfect for the look I’m going for in our re-modeling this summer. Now, to just convince Hubby…

I need to reupholster the kitchen chairs so I’ll be keeping my eye out for some light green plaid or striped fabric. I think we’ll go for white rectangle tiles for the kitchen back splash, white and grey flecked counter-top, grey or light green cupboards (if I can find some that are affordable), and for flooring? Hmm…that’s something I have to think about yet.

Ps: Don’t you just LOVE this Treasury? The linen color is really getting me.

  1. Hello Katie! Have a great week off! The kitchen that you love is beautiful! I love that style too. My fave is that old wood that they put on the back of the bar area…so cool!

  2. I am loving your etsy finds! So pretty!

  3. really pretty neutrals. I LOVE La Marquise Des Anges…and those cups with feathers are amazing.

    ps…hope you’re having a fabulous time in europe!

  4. Twiddle: That’s one of my favorite features too! I love all the little features she has in there, they all make the room!
    Rachel: Thank you! Glad you liked them!
    Stacy: There’s something about neutrals that are very cool. Which is kinda weird sometimes because you’d think that they might be boring…

    I’ll keep everyone updated in our Europe adventures! Stay Tuned!

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