Summer Sunshine and Bike Riding

In Uncategorized on June 23, 2009 at 5:38 pm

I love summer, what’s not to love? Sunny days, hot sun, fun food, gardening. It’s all bright and colorful and amazing!

I bought my first bike today. Well, not technically my first, I did have one when I was a kid, but never this nice and not since I was ten. So I’m considering it my first real bike. And besides that, my bike when I was a kid was too big for me. It had that horizontal bar just below the seat and I had to jump onto the seat and get going fast because my feet couldn’t touch the ground. I used to get off of the bike by peddling to a patch of grass and flying off the side. So no, I don’t consider that my bike because it was painful and wasn’t exactly FOR me, it came from convenience.

If that makes sense…

So this bike is truly mine, truly cute and truly cheap. $75. And it looks like brand spankin’ new!

One of my friends just moved into town from Latvia and I’m excited to go bike riding with her! We’ve been wanting to do some sort of exercising, but nothing quite seemed to fit either of our schedules, so this will be an affordable and fun way to be outside and get our exercise!


Today at lunch, I’ll be bringing the new puppy (isn’t she cuuuuute?), Jersey, down town to do some grocery shopping for my Hollywood Makeup Party (Arbonne!) tonight. It’s going to be FUN! These parties are always a blast, I can’t wait!! And of course there’ll be wine…wine and makeup, you can’t go wrong really!

  1. I love summer too!

    What a sweet sweet puppy! congratulations!!

  2. I want a puppy! Too cute. 🙂


  3. Enjoy your new bike! I have been playing around with getting one too, but just haven’t taken that leap…where did you get one for only $75?! Love your puppy-so cute!

    • Hubby and I were going to both get a bike, but then he wasn’t sure if he would use it enough to justify the money. He’d rather run. I mentioned to a co-worker that I was looking for a second hand bike and he said his wife had an older one he wanted to sell. Awesome deal, considering she hardly used it! It’s just about brand new!!

      Isn’t Jersey so adorable? I love her too (: She’s even cuter when she cuddles.

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