Marie Antoinette

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I went to the movie store the other day and saw that the new (ish) Marie Antoinette was on sale. So I bought it. It’s not the kind of movie that I normally like; the actors don’t have the proper accents, the music is modern…I love the era but with those other things added to it, it’s not “traditional” which is what I like. Besides that, Hubby pointed out that it’s a slow movie. But when I saw this movie a year or so ago, I completely fell in love.

It is a slower movie, but it really makes you feel like you’re apart of the livestyle and the everyday tid-bits of Marie and her friends. It’s so rich in color, the costumes are to die for and the food makes you drool!

I have to point out too that I watched this movie before we went to Versailles. Now that we’ve actually been there, I love Marie Antoinette even more! It makes the trip to Versailles and the Queens Hamlet come alive. 

One of the best parts of Versailles was the steps. A weird thing to be my favorite part…but it was so amazing walking up them and seeing how worn they were from the years of suffering under the heels of royalty. I kept thinking “Wow, they walked here, I’m walking exactly where Marie Antoinette walked!”.

I’ll have to post more pictures of the Queens Hamlet, Marie’s amazing little village behind her palace. It was surreal. But more about that later…






  1. I’ve never been to Versailles…but would love to some day…beautiful photos…

    • Honestly, it was the last on my list of “To Visits” when we headed for Europe! But we had an afternoon to spare and took the train to see what the fuss was about and both Hubby and I were fully impressed!! It’s a definate Must See!

  2. i’ve never seen that movie (to be honest i had a sneaky suspicion that it’d be slow but i’ve had a morbid interest in it nonetheless) so i feel like i should now check it out.

    and YEAH i can completely identify with that surreal feeling of retracing historical steps – when i was a tour guide in quebec city, i had the same feeling when i was talking to visitors about the bust of louis XIV that’s in the lower town square. people would all smile and nod like they don’t really care, but once you tie that bit of history with ‘hey, this was the same dude who was married to marie antoinette and got their heads chopped off… so all of that was going on over in france while new france (aka quebec) was being settled!’

    and THEN the lights would go on and they’d get it! awesome, awesome feeling.

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