Valleygirl Rant

In Uncategorized on July 15, 2009 at 5:17 pm

In order to post this entry, I feel like I should be in high heels, and talk like a valley girl…but unfortunately I’m not. My co-workers wish I was, because talking like a valley girl in a John Deer Dealership would be pretty funny…

Ok. So there’s a couple of things!

The other day I was watching ET Canada and learned that they are casting for remakes of some older classics. Some of my faves. Like Footloose and Pretty Women. A very cool thought to know these are coming into the makes again! Priceless!! But…and a big but…I’m not going to be watching them. Why not? I’ll tell you why. Because instead of the beautiful Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, they’ve cast Jessica Simpson. And instead of Kevin Bacon, they’ve cast Chace what’s-his-ma-dingle. And there’s talk of Amanda Bynes poping in there somewhere…

It makes it so obvious that they’ve cast these movies for the tweens, teeny-boppers that wont’ appreciate the quality and classic-ness (new word) of the originals. And this ticks me off. They’re going to completely ruin these movies. They’re formulating them for quick cash and not quality. It makes me sick.

I didn’t realize before that I was so passionate about this type of thing…

Also. Lookit this jerk. Several people I’ve talked to are like “Well, Kate deserves it, have you seen the way he treats him??” Who cares, is my thought. What a complete jerk to go and start dating a 22 year old and leave his wife at home, not dating, still clinging to him, with the kids. Completely selfish. Wowsa.

And what’s the world coming to that adulterous jerks like this make the front page of the magazines? I realize there’s things going on in the background that we don’t see, but still, I can’t believe that he’s on the front page of People. Rude. Someone should smack him, not give him publicity.

Phewf. Just my thoughts…Maybe I need a zen moment…

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