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Making Memories from Memories

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My Granddad passed away almost a year ago and although I hadn’t seen him many times, it was a hard experience for me. I had always felt a strong connection to him, I’m not sure what created that connection, but it was there and I loved him alot.

The only thing that I wanted of his when he passed was his hat. On one of the visits to England when I was a kid, I had worn the hat constantly. I love it. It represented England and my Granddad. Old school tweed, worn and aged. So on my trip to England this past summer with Hubby, I made sure I asked my Dad’s brothers if I could have it.

Yesterday a friend and I went out to do a photoshoot and I decided that the hat would be a perfect centrepiece to one of the shoots we had planned. I loved how they turned out! I love how they look so British, I know my Granddad would be so proud: “Oh Katie, would you look at that….”.


It’s Coming!

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Our house renos are slowly coming! Yay!! Since this picture was taken a few days ago, the shingles were completed and today the whole (or moat, as we call it) around the addition was filled.


I know it’s not that pretty of a sight, but in my eyes, I can see the new siding, windows and doors, and the beautiful and huge kitchen I’ll have soon!

Flooring, cabinets and countertop are ordered. The Garden doors for the other side of the addition and the new door and windows are in! We’re SO excited that this is all coming together a nicely as it is. We’re not only feeling excited, we’re feeling blessed.

See that big window on the white part of the house? And the door beside it? My next project (maybe I’m thinking a bit too far ahead…) is to make that big window another set of Garden Doors and block up that existing door. But my hubby would die if I mentioned that while we’re still in the middle of these kitchen renos! Haha!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Blown Away

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Well, by this time, if you’ve been reading my blog for even just a little bit, you might have figured out that I’m pretty darn passionate about my home business! Arbonne has given me more life, more energy, more options, more freedom, than anything else I have ever done before!

I just returned from a training conference for Arbonne in Vancouver and I’m raring to GO!!! You should have heard the stories down there! Arbonne hasn’t just changed my life, it’s changed SO many others!

Kate Martins is one girl that just blows me away. Like….seriously. This girl was working 6…SIX!!!…part time jobs to help keep her family afloat and they were still struggling to catch a break. She didn’t have any time for her two precious boys, and NO time for herself. She would wake up super early, start working her little buns off, gardening (they owned a green house business), baking (she owned a baking business), rushing around getting her families lunches together, doing laundry etc, she’d wake her family up, rush them to school,¬† rush to her part time job at the post office. She wouldn’t stop at lunch either, rushing to get work done. After work, she rushed to get back home, jumped on the tractor, and worked their greenhouse / garden business. She’d pick hundreds of buckets of strawberries for their business, all the while her sons begging to spend some time with her.

The bills kept mounting up, debt collectors calling, and no matter how hard this beautiful woman worked, they just weren’t getting ahead.

Until she found Arbonne.

When she heard the Arbonne business opportunity, she KNEW that it wasn’t something she could pass up. She jumped on it. And as she told her story in front of the thousands of women in Vancouver, she couldn’t hold back the tears. Arbonne saved her. Saved her family relationships, saved them from debt, saved them from turmoil. Arbonne gave her the opportunity to sell her other businesses and to have time with her children, something that she just didn’t have before. They just took their first EVER trip with the whole family this summer….in her BRAND NEW Mercedes (fully paid for by Arbonne!)!!!

If you’re interested in hearing more about this business, click here, and listen to this call. Take two minutes and sign up for a Whistle Tree account, it doesn’t cost anything, and it really only takes a minute or two.

Once you’ve listened, leave a comment on here with your email or a link to your blog, and I’ll contact you to see what you thought!

What if this is the chance you have for finally being FREE??

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I love chocolate

I love France

I see pretty underpants.