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Aw, Asterix is 50! I loved reading these comics when I was little, and still love looking through them now. Great drawings and funny stories! I didn’t realize they were so old when I was reading them before…no wonder it’s been hard for me to buy some!



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The Mystery of the Bridesmaid Dresses has been solved! We’ve found a super deal on bridesmaid dresses at Light In The Box.com. The reviews on the site seemed excellent and the dresses are exactly what my sister was looking for. Other than the color…we went with a dark green instead of the sage she was initially going for. But that’s ok! It’s going to go great with her decor and the winter feeling of the celebration.

I wish I could include a picture, but the photo isn’t saving properly. Click on the link  to see the exact dress.

The dresses will arrive two weeks before my sisters wedding, so if there’s any issues hopefully that will be enough time to make everything right.

Problem solved. Weight lifted. Phewf.


Towards Freedom

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I’ve studied economics for more than two decades, and the best system I’ve ever seen for intellectual distribution is the   business—also known as one-toone marketing, network marketing, referral marketing or relationship marketing. This home-based business takes intellectual distribution to its pinnacle—creating wealth by helping others.

Paul Zane Pilzer


And you wonder why I’m working my Arbonne business so much? Click me and read the article.

If you are interested in Arbonne as a business, or even to try out our products, I would LOVE to send you a sample or more info on my business. Please let me know!

Dryer Settings

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When I was little I read a quote from a Christian comedian that read:

“Normal” is just a setting on the dryer.

I remember my mom getting such a kick out of this saying, but I never understood it. The more I thought about it, the more confused I got.

Now that I’m all growed up, I get it. At least, I’m starting too.

No one…I repeat: NO ONE…is normal. I used to think that my family was at least “normal”. But that was before my mom started believing that the world was going to end soon, getting paranoid about world politics and how they’re taking our freedom away, and how even lighting candles in your home could symbolize “worshiping other idols”. Believing that my friends were “normal” also came before one of my friends left her husband after only 7 months of marriage, before I realized one of my friends is OCD and before another one of my friends told me she has an eating disorder.

Then I though, Ok, well at least the family I married into is normal. But that was right before my hubby’s uncle told us he was a closet alcoholic, we found out that his aunt was being abused, and I got sick to death of my hubby’s Grandma favoring him (if you think this is a good thing…it’s not). And who knows where Hubby and I fit into all this…

No one is normal. No one is plain jane. No one lives the straight and narrow, no matter how much they try. But that’s ok!

Last night Hubby and I talked. I asked him if he was happy with where we were, and he said he was. I’ve been struggling with “us” lately, I told him. And we chatted about why and what we could do to improve things. Life is always throwing us hoops to jump through, and you know what? That’s ok! It’s NORMAL to have problems, it’s NORMAL to struggle with life, it’s NORMAL to have life become a bumpy road!

I’ve discovered lately that life is not “normal”. Or at least, not what we have come to define “normal” as. The definition should be changed to

“Fights with spouse, yells at children, burns dinner, house is never clean, too busy to think, wrinkled laundry, late for soccer…”

And as much as I hate the “fights with spouse, yells at children” part, it’s part of how life goes and it’s after that point that makes life feel gooooood.

Wouldn’t it be just boring to be “normal“?


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I love it that a blog with a picture of a girl in a skimpy t-shirt has sent me over 40 views today. Hmm. What is that saying about my blog? Sigh. Guess I need to cut down on the sexy posts. Dangit.

CK Blog + GA

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I’ve just installed Google Analytics in my new Tumblr blog, City Kat. If you’ve got time today, stop by the CK Blog so I can see if GA is working (:

Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday Links

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I’ve found a new fave blog.

Checked Apartment Therapy Lately?

I’ve always had a secret admiration for the Olsen girls.


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Looking through some WordPress blogs yesterday I found a link to a new blog platform called Tumblr. Well, it’s new to me. I’ve decided to try my new blog, City Kat, there for a while. I LOVE the theme I have on it now, it makes my story entries so much easier to read. And there are tons of other themes to pick from too, ones that are way more creative than the ones I’ve been finding for WordPress.com.

I love my WordPress blog, but I love the features that this Tumblr has so far. I dont’ like that you don’t have built in Stats, which is something I know I’m going to find a pain. You have to use Google Analytics, which I’ve never had much luck with. But I’ll get it worked out. 

My Kitty blog seems to be finding its flow. The first few blogs were kinda rough, not really a style that I liked. That always happens with all types of writing though, you have to find your style and sometimes it takes a little while. I’m on entry #12 and I think that I’ve found the writing style I like.

Go on over and take a look!


Check out this Etsy shop too! Love love love!


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It’s my sisters wedding in just over a month. I’m the Maid of Honor, yay! Problem: We haven’t ordered or found our bridesmaid dresses. Yes, you heard right. No dresses for the maids.

We are waiting for color swatches from a site that has the exact dresses my sis is wanting for us, and it will take them a month to get us our dresses…once we order. But it’s cutting it close!

So I’m here at work, pretending to be busy, but really, I’m looking for sites that have dresses that might suit what we’re looking for. Forever 21, Anthropologie, Mod Retro, JCrew. I’ve found some options, mostly at JCrew, but they’re really expensive!

Our Wants:

  1. Long
  2. Flowy
  3. $200ish (less is even better!)
  4. Green (sage is perfect, but at this point, we’ll consider anything).

Any sites that we might find helpful? Any ideas?