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Aw, Asterix is 50! I loved reading these comics when I was little, and still love looking through them now. Great drawings and funny stories! I didn’t realize they were so old when I was reading them before…no wonder it’s been hard for me to buy some!

  1. Asterix is 50? Wow, he doesn’t look a day older ;p I used to love reading the comics with my sister when I was younger. And we’d call our dad Obelix because he’s big and loves to eat. I love your blog here – and I just read your entry about Tumblr, it’s an interesting new concept for blogs, isn’t it?

  2. Haha, funny about calling your Dad Obelix (:

    I’m glad you like my blog! I love doing it up, so it’s nice to hear that it’s being appreciated 😀

    I really like Tumblr, it’s such a great idea! Kinda like Twitter, but in blog form. Very cool stuff. There’s definately some things that need to be worked on and improved, but it’s a great site and it’s only going to get better….I need to get over there soon and update that blog now that I think about it!

  3. Asterix? hmm its seems i didnt know about it. haha. but i love comics too. but the media is less in my country during my childhood. i just read about garfield in the news paper. look how hard to find comics. hehe.

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