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You’re going to hear (see me type 🙂 so many times that “this is my favorite store”. It’s a sin, I know, to have so many “favorite stores”, but really every one of them is a “fave” for it’s own reason.

This shop, Bobby Urban, is one of those fave shops. Seriously funky clothes displayed by edgy pictures bursting with personality and attitude, this shop is the funk itself. One look and you’ll be hooked!

katelynjane: How long have you been in business and how did you get started?

Bobby Urban: BAM! My Etsy contribution/store/reason to spend hours on the internet, began this past June, the true beginning though, was in high school, with the loving gift of a sewing machine from my Mother. Or maybe it was in kindergarten making clothes for dolls. It could have possibly been in the womb but I don’t think there’s anyway to verify that.

katelynjane: Are all your clothes rebuilt? What makes you want to start with that particular item?

Bobby Urban: I am making sweaters now with fabric from old sweaters and have made shirts from the fabric of old shirts but I shy away from rebuilding it hampers the creative spirit and condescends my imagination.

katelynjane: What is your favorite style?

Bobby Urban: This is a near impossible question. It borders on the aesthetic and the metaphysical. But I’m going to fucking try, there’s no room for quitters.
I like anything that appears to me to be a representation of a person’s bravest, purest, most ideal but also easiest self. That which does not overwhelm but emphasizes the unrivaled best in a person. An accent to one’s self. Quintessential. Clothes are not meant to stand alone, they are nothing without the wearer.
This, I understand, is also an impossible answer. But as you know there is no room for quitters.

katelynjane: What would you like to be defined as in regards to your clothing line?

Bobby Urban: Irreverent

Not in the way that says nothing is significant, because I find many things, sickingly, heart wrenchingly and fantastically important, but in a way that redefines importance and relevancy. That says you are the master of your destiny, and you decide what is most essential in life and no one else gets to.

katelynjane: What are your goals for your Etsy store?

Bobby Urban: To sell the things I can’t help but to make.
To connect with other people who feel the same.

To make Bobby Urban a star. That’s sort of a secret goal but I’m sort of bad with secrets. Well that’s not true, I’m really good with secrets just embarrassed to say that’s a goal.

katelynjane: Where do you see your clothes / items in two years?

Bobby Urban: Evolved. Better designs, better made, better ideas, better pictures… there is no ideal point, there is no satisfactory end.

katelynjane: What is your favorite thing about making items?

Bobby Urban:

Two favorites:
The never knowing how exactly something will turn out. The fact that you can drink and sew at the same time.

katelynjane: What is your favorite store on Etsy?

Bobby Urban: Come on, that really is an impossible question. I’m not saying I’m quitting, it’s more like a prolonged break with a possibility of non-returning. Don’t judge me.

Thanks so much for allowing me to interview you Bobby!