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So I was reading a decorating magazine last night, one of the few I bought lately…I think it was Decorating on a Budget (which is published by Country Living)…and I came across an article on women entrepreneurs. That’s inspiring enough! There were quick blips on how they got started and their experiences etc, which were super interesting (I wish they were longer, but their web site actually has more information). As I’m browsing through the different success stories (seriously, I hope I’m one of them someday!) I stop on a name that’s familiar. “Alicia Paulson”, where do I know that name from? I knew I knew her from somewhere! Then I read that she blogs and it all falls into place. Alicia Paulson is the author of one of my favorite blogs, Posie Gets Cozy, and daily reads (:

Not only is she an inspiration to me because of her success as a business woman, but also because of her success as a blogger. An example: She posted a blog yesterday, as in February 26, 2008, and it already has 79 comments on it. Not that comments are everything, but they sure are an encouragement to the author AND they show the amount of readers the blog has. Amazing.

So last night the meeting with Krystal went really well. I felt so professional sitting there for coffee and going over my list of questions and ideas. She said she’s so relieved that I’m helping her, she’s not near as stressed…which makes me feel so good! That’s all that I need (:

Most of our ideas are now written down and the biggest decisions have been made so all we need to do now is start to get the crafting items together so we can start to make the center pieces and other decorations. I’ll be posting pictures as we start creating! I can’t wait!

One of the many ideas we have decided on is to get these chair covers, ivory with green ties, for the reception. Should look stunning!

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Marketing and keeping you business a BUSINESS can be hard!! It’s hard to keep things organized and visually clear. JJM Finance is a super cheap way to keep your store organize and your direction working to a max!

I find it so hard sometimes, esspecially since I’m first starting out, to keep on top of things. I look at Hearts, look at my profits and think “that’s nice” but don’t keep track of what I did to get those sales or what I CAN do to get them. JJM’s packages would be great to help propel my business towards being an actual BUSINESS instead of just being a hobby.

Stay organized and work towards your dream of working for yourself!!


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I was thinking that I’d written…ahem…posted…tons of posts that didn’t tell much about me (unless you’re sneaky and have read between the lines). Today I’m just going to write, just a little about moi and hopefully you don’t start snoring.

Ever since I was little, like really little, I had this urge to sell. An urge to be an entrepreneur. I used to live on the BC coast where blackberries grew everywhere. I would pick them, little cupfulls, and sell them. I’d try to anyways. I think people didn’t buy so many because they saw the bushes across the street from where I was selling and decided just to pick their own.

Then there was my musical entrance to the world.

A neighbor had an old saxophone and drums he would lend to us. My friend Brice and I took them to the side of the busy highway and played until people stopped and paid us. This guy and his wife stopped once and gave us a $20. I’m sure it wasn’t so much that we were good…I think he lived close by and wanted us to shut up.

This love for being my own boss, earning my own money, continued and still continues…it never really just “started” it was always there.

Hopefully my Etsy store will fulfill my dreams of becoming my own boss full time. One day, I’m sure it will happen.