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Yesterday Krystal and Brandi came over and we worked on more wedding plans (!!). We finished 10 of the 90 boxes we need to do for the center pieces. The hard work is going to be worth it though, we were all so impressed with how they turned out. Krystal is buying purple ribbon (with wired edges) to tie around the three boxes, so the picture here isn’t of the fully finished product, but it’s as close as it’s going to get until the wedding day.

Krystal was able to get the roll of paper free from the newspaper printers and the boxes cost $1 – $3 each, depending on the size. Her guest list just jumped from 200 – 320 so we’ll be making way more boxes than we thought. With everything included though, we can keep the cost of the center pieces within $200.

Each table is going to have three of these boxes, ribbon around them with a bow at the top, t-lights and sprigs of artificial sage scattered around them. I wish we could get enough dishes, like the one in the last picture, to put several on the tables as well, but I think it would get to expensive. We’ll have those t-light holders (modge-podged with cream tissue paper) on the main table and guest book table.

I have blisters from stamping so many times (: Blood sweat and tears baby!

It’s different doing this wedding. The bride I helped right before this one didn’t have much money to spend. Krystal has a bit more money set aside for these things so we’re able to spend more money on things she wants. It’s a different frame of mind.


Etsy Wedding Planning!

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I’ve plunged. I’ve jumped and it’s nerve racking but at the same time, it’s exciting! As most of you know, my job has been teetering on the brink for a little while. Last week I finally had the conclusive decision from my boss (not that it was a good one, but at least I know what’s happening now!) that I would be put on a three month term and a job could not be promised at the end of those three months. As disappointing as it was, this news was also refreshing and made me look at the future of my career.

This brought me to the option of pursuing Wedding Planning. I have always been interested in this but the current job situation allowed me to seriously consider it. Which was cool. Very cool!

I decided to take the first steps of this adventure by listing Wedding Packages on Etsy. These packages are in three stages.

Stage 1 is made up of the more basic options: creative ideas, cost cutting options, room filling, center piece and decor ideas.

Stage 2 is a little deeper. I’ll send the buyer helpful links to sites, come up with table decoration ideas suited to their style, ideas for favors and how to spice them up, original guest book ideas, easy to make room decorations and I’ll provide lists of options including costs for flowers and center pieces.

Stage 3 is the biggest and most fun (for me!) option (so far! I have bigger dreams and goals coming!). I’ll include all of the above info from Stage 1 and 2…but on top of that, I’ll make examples of invitations and center pieces. I’ll require pictures from the bride of the reception hall (and the church if she’s wanting ideas for that as well) so I can give advice as to how to set it up. This option will require the shipment of the invitation and possibly the center pieces examples.

With all of these options I’ll evaluate the brides style, budget and colors to come up with the best options for her. I’ll provide lists and pictures of ideas. I’ll answer any questions she has and give her advice on her different options.

I can’t wait to get started on these!! I’m so excited for someone to purchase a package so I can start (: Anyone? Anyone?

Plans and Flowers

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Ok so I’m now officially obsessed with decorating for this wedding. It can be good or bad I guess. I know when it gets closer I think about it 24/7 and dream about planning and preparation. But it does keep me busy and I love love love the planning!

I found this great site for flowers, I’m not sure if Krystal is going to want real ones or silk flowers for the tables but look at these great deals!

I’m really loving the thought of cream roses with hydrangeas. And the prices really aren’t bad at all!! I’ve never really worked with real flowers, but I’m sure I could handle it. The only thing I would be worried about would be when the flowers would arrive. I wouldn’t want them to arrive too early and then be wilted, but I have people I can talk to about this issue. It’s good to have friends that know stuff! (:

Yay! Tonight Krystal is coming over to discuss all the wedding plans, her expectations, budget, colors…I’m so excited! I told her to come around 7, but I think I need to call her to come earlier, I’m just to excited!

Wedding Planning (not mine :)

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Every second Friday we get together with a bunch of our couple friends. This past Friday was one of those nights and we had so much fun! As usual we all sit around, visit, eat and play games. So many of the couples were able to come this week and it was great to catch up with them. There’s usually around seven couples that come, we all bring appetizers and games and then spend the evening having a good visit. This week the guys split off and played their own game of…not sure, something to do with cards, loud yells and slapping. So by the time us girls had finished our multiple rounds of Pit, we headed into another room to chat. It was great to see what they had been up to and just chat about girlie things.

Krystal started telling us about her wedding plans and said how she wasn’t sure about decorating the reception hall. She wanted to be creative but was finding it hard to think of original things. Jana, who got married several months ago, looked at her and said “Get Katie to help you, she’s amazing” (thanks Jana!!).

I had been in charge of decorating Jana’s reception hall and loved every minute of it. I volunteered for the position and knew that it didn’t involve money, but I didn’t mind. It was exactly what I needed to fill some time and to be creative. Besides that, Jana’s colors were exactly what mine had been, so it was easier to come up with ideas although they weren’t things I had used.

I can’t wait to start on Krystal’s wedding planning! It’s only three months away, but I already have tons of ideas. Her colors are maroon, beige and sage green. I don’t know if I’ll be helping her actually decorate but I’ll be able to help her with ideas. I think that in the end, Jana’s reception decoration cost her $75.00 so cost shouldn’t be a problem (: I’m good at keeping it down.

Oh, the pictures above are of Jana’s wedding. So proud!!