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I love getting mail!

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I came home at lunch on Friday to find two packages waiting for me! One full of this great fabric I found on Ebay and the other MY GOCCO!!!!!! All the way from Japan, little Japanese candies, paper bags and clothes-pins included! I have yet to use my Gocco since I didn’t have the PERFECT picture to start with, but I’ll be experimenting tonight, so hopefully it goes well and I can post pictures soon.

Also, the Ebay seller that I bought the fabric from has an Etsy shop! Check it out!

I’ll be making a Kiki bag out of the fabric and I can’t wait to get started…now if only I had some free time….


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I have a great-aunt that is obsessed with sending our family large boxes of household items, whether they are in good condition or not. At first they were boxes of old things she thought we would like; table cloths, ugly lamps, old books…just stuff that she wanted to get rid of. Now the boxes have graduated into collections of junk.

It’s kinda sad actually. She can’t really afford to send us these things and we keep telling her that (not only are we worried about her financial situation, but most of the things she sends aren’t things we want) but she doesn’t listen. She’s even got to the point where she’s going out and buying us bundles and bundles of face cloths and tea towels. Like I said, mom has told her several times that even though we love receiving the boxes, it just isn’t necessary, she just doesn’t listen.

While I was at my parents house yesterday I looked through a couple boxes and was able to snag a few treasures! The beginning of these boxes were actually quite cool, filled with some great stuff.

I seriously love the red and cream fabric and can’t wait to make it into a pillow or even a bag! Some of the items I brought home need a bit of cleaning up. They have the odd rust colored stain on them, but I’m sure I can get them out or work around them. I can’t wait to get started!

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I need labels. I don’t have any for my bags or toys (Yay! I’m a toy-maker-person!) yet, but I neeeeeed to get some. Here’s some funky ones I came across in Etsy (where else?). The Dancing Needle has some great labels…custom made so you can get exactly what you’re looking for!

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One of my newly Hearted stores in Etsy is A Stitch in Dye, a super colorful and energetic store filled with super unique fabrics (they’d HAVE to be unique! She does them herself!) and other funky items sure to get you in the mood for summer.

Make your newest projects eye-catching and warming! Check out Stitch!