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My sister in law is pregnant. Again. This will be their second child and unfortunately, it leads everyone to believe that her brother and I will be getting in the baby mood too. We won’t. They can stop asking now. Her stomach churns, they tilt their head and say “Oh, mmm, because you’re pregnant” and then turn to me “Katie, when will you guys start having kids?” Yeah. Because seeing a sick pregnant woman really makes me want to pop a kid out.

I love kids. I’m almost forced into loving them, really. I’m the oldest of eight kids, the youngest are 20 years younger than me and just turned 4. My parents have the cutest babies! I can’t help but love them to pieces. And my first niece, she’s soooo cute! Kids are all around me and I love them! But that certainly doesn’t mean I’m ready to have children myself.

Like I said, I’m the oldest of eight, so I think that has a large part in why I’m not ready to have my own. Not only because I had to half-raise the younger ones, but also because I’ve seen the reality of having kids. I have a “too-realistic view” of child raising. At least that’s what I call it. All my friends oooo and aaaaah over having babies. For me, instead of seeing cute perfect babies (although I do see that too, that’s just not ALL I see) I see the crying all night (all my mom’s kids woke up every two hours until they were at least two, no matter what she tried), the constant attention, the thrush, the emotions etc.

I know I’m going to have moments where my kids are perfect and googoo’ing and smiling and so adorable I just want to bite their chubby little hands, but I also know it’s hard work.

So no, we’re not going to start having kids anytime soon…maybe in a few years…but not now. Like my mom in law said in the family Christmas card “Katie and Brett are busy having puppies” (: And I’m happy with that for now!

Ooo, more later! I received some items in the mail on Friday so I have pictures to post!! YAY!

Taking It a Step Further

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Just a short one for now. I’m pooped. But I’ll try to write again this afternoon.

I was just reading through the J Caroline blog which lead me to How About Orange which lead me to decor8. I officially have no life. But beyond that bleak and miserable fact (not really, I just felt like being melodramatic), decor8 has inspired me…like every single blog I look at daily (which just happens to be the majority of my Blog roll). Take a look at the entry I linked to and the comments below it to learn more on how to take your items a step further and begin to hit the big-times. Have you ever wanted to turn your art work into fabric?? Take a look at the link!

How was everyones Easter? Mine was great, filled with family and two feasts (the joys of living in the same town as both our families): one of chicken, one of ham. Y.U.M! Do you have any Easter traditions? I’d love to hear them!

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Poor Brian…I know how he feels (: Stewie! You jerk with the football for a head! Leave him alone!