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{Goals – Week 2}

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It’s the second week since I made my goal of reaching 50 views here per day. The first week was good, I reached 453 views in one week…at 50 views per day, I should have 350 views per week so I exceeded my goal. This week was still as good, 456 views all together. It was the daily view count that disappointed me. It was up and down like a crazy roller-coaster, one day at 29 views, the next at 220 (that took some link love from other bloggers! Thanks guys!). It never stayed even relatively consistent which was slightly dissapointing, even though my promotion of the site didn’t change. I think part of the problem was that the Selling on Etsy Series finished up and it, I think, attracted a ton more readers. Obviously, I’m going to have to start a new series again! Which isn’t a bad thing, I enjoyed it and it gave me a secure direction here.

If you have any suggestions for a series with a “Creativity” theme, let me know! I have a few ideas up my sleeve, but I’d always like to know what the readers thoughts are!

Also, I’ve been looking into the local Farmers Market and found that it’s super cheap to attend as a seller! I’m SO excited!! It costs $20.00 for a (yearly?) membership and $10.00 every time you attend. You can also rent a table for $5.00. So affordable!! I’m making it top priority to attend this weeks Market and hopefully I’ll make a few sales! I’ve almost reached my goal for the Button Maker so hopefully just a couple Markets will bring me to where I need to be!

So here’s my goals this week:

  • 50 blog views per day
  • Start a new series
  • Attend the Farmers Market
  • Oh, and post the new Big Bags in the Etsy store

And a new week begins…


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Shelly Tucker is a crazy lady…but a crazy lady I’m lovin’ even more! She blogs over at “This Eclectic Life” and always has challenging entries…she’s a blogger to look up to.

I just clicked onto her blog to see what was new and was blown away by what I saw. Talk about CRAZY! Shelly has taken up a challenge and is in turn challenging all us readers and bloggers to help her out. She’s making a goal to send 140 kids to camp this year. That’s $21,000.00!!! These kids will be attending Camp Sanguinity, a camp for kids with cancer.

If you feel the urge, that small little voice, to help Shelly and these kids out, check out her blog entry for more details.

Good luck Shelly!! I’m really rootin’ for ya!!

Etsy Attempts

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It’s been three days since my last entry…what have I become?!

Have you ever tried to get an Etsy Treasury? I have. I’ve never actually been successful, but I’ve tried! I just lately found out that it’s easier to get a Treasury West treasury, so I’m attempting to grab one of those today.

I’ve been working on more gift tags this weekend. I’m going to try renewing four items a day in my Etsy store, I hope it will bring more sales and views into my store.

This past week and weekend I’ve been focusing on getting more hearts and views into my store. One of the ways I have been pursuing this is by participating in the Etsy Forums more often. I used to comment all the time in there, but have been slacking in that department lately. I’m pretty sure that this is what brought several more hearts into my collection within the last couple days.

Last night I had a dream that I had sold a bag. I checked my Etsy store this morning and it hadn’t sold…drag! I was hoping it wasn’t just a dream…

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Marketing and keeping you business a BUSINESS can be hard!! It’s hard to keep things organized and visually clear. JJM Finance is a super cheap way to keep your store organize and your direction working to a max!

I find it so hard sometimes, esspecially since I’m first starting out, to keep on top of things. I look at Hearts, look at my profits and think “that’s nice” but don’t keep track of what I did to get those sales or what I CAN do to get them. JJM’s packages would be great to help propel my business towards being an actual BUSINESS instead of just being a hobby.

Stay organized and work towards your dream of working for yourself!!


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You’re going to hear (see me type 🙂 so many times that “this is my favorite store”. It’s a sin, I know, to have so many “favorite stores”, but really every one of them is a “fave” for it’s own reason.

This shop, Bobby Urban, is one of those fave shops. Seriously funky clothes displayed by edgy pictures bursting with personality and attitude, this shop is the funk itself. One look and you’ll be hooked!

katelynjane: How long have you been in business and how did you get started?

Bobby Urban: BAM! My Etsy contribution/store/reason to spend hours on the internet, began this past June, the true beginning though, was in high school, with the loving gift of a sewing machine from my Mother. Or maybe it was in kindergarten making clothes for dolls. It could have possibly been in the womb but I don’t think there’s anyway to verify that.

katelynjane: Are all your clothes rebuilt? What makes you want to start with that particular item?

Bobby Urban: I am making sweaters now with fabric from old sweaters and have made shirts from the fabric of old shirts but I shy away from rebuilding it hampers the creative spirit and condescends my imagination.

katelynjane: What is your favorite style?

Bobby Urban: This is a near impossible question. It borders on the aesthetic and the metaphysical. But I’m going to fucking try, there’s no room for quitters.
I like anything that appears to me to be a representation of a person’s bravest, purest, most ideal but also easiest self. That which does not overwhelm but emphasizes the unrivaled best in a person. An accent to one’s self. Quintessential. Clothes are not meant to stand alone, they are nothing without the wearer.
This, I understand, is also an impossible answer. But as you know there is no room for quitters.

katelynjane: What would you like to be defined as in regards to your clothing line?

Bobby Urban: Irreverent

Not in the way that says nothing is significant, because I find many things, sickingly, heart wrenchingly and fantastically important, but in a way that redefines importance and relevancy. That says you are the master of your destiny, and you decide what is most essential in life and no one else gets to.

katelynjane: What are your goals for your Etsy store?

Bobby Urban: To sell the things I can’t help but to make.
To connect with other people who feel the same.

To make Bobby Urban a star. That’s sort of a secret goal but I’m sort of bad with secrets. Well that’s not true, I’m really good with secrets just embarrassed to say that’s a goal.

katelynjane: Where do you see your clothes / items in two years?

Bobby Urban: Evolved. Better designs, better made, better ideas, better pictures… there is no ideal point, there is no satisfactory end.

katelynjane: What is your favorite thing about making items?

Bobby Urban:

Two favorites:
The never knowing how exactly something will turn out. The fact that you can drink and sew at the same time.

katelynjane: What is your favorite store on Etsy?

Bobby Urban: Come on, that really is an impossible question. I’m not saying I’m quitting, it’s more like a prolonged break with a possibility of non-returning. Don’t judge me.

Thanks so much for allowing me to interview you Bobby!