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I have a job interview today. I’m nervous. I usually don’t get nervous, I’m usually more confidant than this but this job sounds perfect and I want to make a good impression.

Mostly, I think I’m afraid that this interview will be ‘official’. I hate official interviews. I’d rather a more casual one without the “what are your weeknesses?” questions. I would open up much more if I was asked normal “let’s have a chat” questions. If it gets to official or stoic, I close up, draw blanks and look stupid.

Two slow hours go to.

I finally ordered my Gocco Printer yesterday. I was trying to find a good deal on ebay but in the end, they all turned out to be the same price, give or take a few pennies. So instead of buying off of ebay, I (of course!) opted for Etsy where the same seller was offering a new Gocco and cheaper ink.

I’ve been nervous about the printing process and have been researching how to do it exactly. I discovered this great, super detailed, how-to article. Check it out for a great explanation of how the Gocco actually works (:

Thinking about starting yet another job and the stress of the interview is really making me appreciate those people who are self-employed. You never have to worry about being fired or switching bosses or stressful interviews. Yes, it’s harder work because you’re always promoting your business, but at least you know it’s going to benefit you, not just the boss man.

I come from a self-employment-loving family. My dad and mom have always encouraged us to pursue this employment aspect and have worked towards it themselves.

I’m hoping that one day my Etsy store will suddenly take off and local stores will be selling my bags. I’m crossing all my fingers for self-employment to grab me by the hand one of these days.

Wedding Planning (not mine :)

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Every second Friday we get together with a bunch of our couple friends. This past Friday was one of those nights and we had so much fun! As usual we all sit around, visit, eat and play games. So many of the couples were able to come this week and it was great to catch up with them. There’s usually around seven couples that come, we all bring appetizers and games and then spend the evening having a good visit. This week the guys split off and played their own game of…not sure, something to do with cards, loud yells and slapping. So by the time us girls had finished our multiple rounds of Pit, we headed into another room to chat. It was great to see what they had been up to and just chat about girlie things.

Krystal started telling us about her wedding plans and said how she wasn’t sure about decorating the reception hall. She wanted to be creative but was finding it hard to think of original things. Jana, who got married several months ago, looked at her and said “Get Katie to help you, she’s amazing” (thanks Jana!!).

I had been in charge of decorating Jana’s reception hall and loved every minute of it. I volunteered for the position and knew that it didn’t involve money, but I didn’t mind. It was exactly what I needed to fill some time and to be creative. Besides that, Jana’s colors were exactly what mine had been, so it was easier to come up with ideas although they weren’t things I had used.

I can’t wait to start on Krystal’s wedding planning! It’s only three months away, but I already have tons of ideas. Her colors are maroon, beige and sage green. I don’t know if I’ll be helping her actually decorate but I’ll be able to help her with ideas. I think that in the end, Jana’s reception decoration cost her $75.00 so cost shouldn’t be a problem (: I’m good at keeping it down.

Oh, the pictures above are of Jana’s wedding. So proud!!

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Life is always challenging. It has it’s ups and downs, dark valleys and bright hill tops.

Today is a mixture of both for me. My boss just told me that they have decided (after considering to lay me off, but not wanting to get rid of this smiling face) to keep me on for a three month term. It’s good to know that he’s wanting to keep me around, there were several discussions leading to this point so it shows me he appreciates my effort. But at the same time, it demotes me. My duties will now be organizing the office, sorting out the vaults and doing any other odd job they can find. Totally not what I was hired to do, a legal assistant. There you go, one up, one down.

As soon as I heard that my job was being bumped down to temporary, I slacked from my every day work and jumped on the net to see what jobs were available in my area. A sucky thing to do. I hate looking for jobs! It’s just become to regular for me.

Let me just take a moment here to clarify. I know that when someone mentions that looking for a job is usual for them, everyone always thinks that they must not be a good employee…but, without being full of myself, that’s not me. I work hard, I’m positive, I learn fast and I take correction well. Buuuuut, bosses just like to quit on me! Seriously, the past three now have quit. The other jobs I have had all ended with good reasons as well, nothing to do with my performance.

Anyway, I jumped on the computer and found a posting, exactly what suites me!, that was posted yesterday. I’ll apply as soon as I can and hopefully get a response asap. It’s an administrative assistant job which is just what I’d love to do, basically the field I’m in now (if I wasn’t just demoted). YAY!!

So there’s another bright hill. Maybe they’re out numbering the dark valleys…which is always a good thing!