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Promotion and Store Exposure

In art, bags, crafts, etsy, green, marketing, poppytalk, promote, sellers, store, stores market, table on March 11, 2008 at 4:37 pm

Do you ever get into that mood where you want to write something profound? I get like that every now and then. Now is one of those times. But there’s nothing amazing to write, not yet anyways. Maybe something will come to me in a bit.

Ok, while there’s nothing profound to write about there IS something exciting!!

After I posted about the Poppytalk Market the other day, I mentioned it to my husband. The cost of it was a bit of an issue. In the long run, it’s a great deal, but at the moment, it’s a bit too much for us. I decided to wait for a few months to sign up for the market, to help our bank account out a bit.

We didn’t have to coach ball hockey last night (spring break for the kids) so I was cruising on the net and noticed I had received a convo on Etsy. Christy, this amazing artist, had written me asking if I had booked my table for Popptalk yet. She went on to say that we could split the costs and book one together. Brilliant!!

So that’s what we’re doing. Half the money, double the exposure. I’m so excited!!

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I was reading in one of my daily blogs (Make It) that the author was being featured in the Poppy Talk Handmade Market. I was looking at it this morning (at work…shhhh! Don’t tell!) and there’s a lot of great artists from Etsy. Check it out. Here’s a link with more information on how to get your own items on there, what the costs are and what it all entails. Looks like a good investment!

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Marketing and keeping you business a BUSINESS can be hard!! It’s hard to keep things organized and visually clear. JJM Finance is a super cheap way to keep your store organize and your direction working to a max!

I find it so hard sometimes, esspecially since I’m first starting out, to keep on top of things. I look at Hearts, look at my profits and think “that’s nice” but don’t keep track of what I did to get those sales or what I CAN do to get them. JJM’s packages would be great to help propel my business towards being an actual BUSINESS instead of just being a hobby.

Stay organized and work towards your dream of working for yourself!!