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Need a New Craft?

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Apparently I do. I dont’ really…but my brain is always forcing me to spend more money and learn new things. Dang you, brain!

I was going through my blogroll when I peeked into Erin Zam’s blog. I always love her entries but this one was even more inspiring. If you’re looking to start or try out a new craft technique, this is the entry to get you started. Check out her Etsy store while you’re in the clicky mood!

Learning Something New

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I think one of my downfalls is my love for learning a new craft. It’s a good thing because it stretches my mind and makes my crafting know-how go a bit further, but it also ends up costing a bunch of money. Like when I wanted to learn the Gocco Printer, or now, when I’d like to try out the button maker. Little projects I’ve tried like crocheting, don’t cost much and are UBER fun (uber is a word you just have to start useing, it’s the new “awesome” or “super” or “neato” to those addicted to Anchor Man). I try to find more projects like these, ones that won’t break the bank, but sometimes you just need to splurge and try something really big.

There’s a new video in the Storque today that you might want to check out if you’re looking for a new and affordable craft. It’s all about embroidery and learning the Running Stitch. Becca is a great teacher and has very clear instructions. Make sure you take a peek and learn about your new addiction!

I was busy sewing last night, a Kj Bag (this is the name I’ve stuck with for the big bags I’m making) out of the load of fabric I bought a couple of weekends ago. So far it looks amazing…if I may say so. I have a serious lust for the material I used…the colors are so amazing! I’ll post pictures this evening of the finished product and the steps I took to get there, make sure you come take a peek!

Wedding Ideas

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                           Photo courtesy of Design*Sponge


So I’m in the wedding planning mood. It might be because I just got my toes wet at the last wedding I was at (spur of the moment decorating) or maybe because I co-worker has invited me to see her decoration goodies. Either way, I’m wanting to do something super freakin funky.

Wouldn’t these lanternsbe amazing? They’d be super cheap to make and would fill the space of a table really well. The best part is, they suit any style! Just pick out your colors and go with it! You could have a few of the lanterns, different sizes (maybe even different colors) in the centre of the table, with shallow bowls around them holding t-lights. Or instead of the t-lights, fill the bowls with candy for favors.


To decorate the table a bit more you could use these envelopes to hold the cutlery and a funky colored napkin. Either secure the envelope shut and cut an inch or so off the top, or find a great colored envelope the opens vertically.


To bring the lanterns into the overall theme a bit more, you could hang Chinese Lanterns from the ceiling. You can get all types of colors, this fresh white lantern is on sale right now and would look amazing along side a chocolate brown one!

If you’re wanting any ideas for your special day, let me know what your colors are and I’ll come up with some affordable and fun ways to decorate.


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Didja know you can get free banners on Etsy? If you’re looking for a cool one, and can’t find what you want just yet or can’t afford to buy one, check out the Etsy banners you can get for FREE.



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The other day, in my Get a Makeover post, I wrote about using different items in your product pictures to show the size of your products. You can do the obvious, and place a ruler in the picture (this is a good technique for fabric sellers) or you can be a bit more creative. Lusummers store has some great examples of this. See the cute little pin cushions at the top? As soon as you look at this picture you know the size of the product. She’s done it in a creative way, without using a ruler, by using an item we all are familiar with: a book.


I wanted to show you this picture as well because it’s a great example of a clickable picture. One of the best tips I’ve read on Etsy is this: Use a main picture that will draw in the viewers interest and make them want to click. To do this, it’s best if you just give them a hint of the product and make them have to click to see what exactly the item is. Have the picture at a weird angle, show them just a piece of it to get them curious. That’s exactly what Lusummers did here. From this picture, you don’t really know what the item is but it’s colorful, interesting, and fun so you want to click it to see more!

Make sure to apply this to your new items and when you’re updating old photos!

Spending Eye Money

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I’m eye shopping. I’ve decided that’s what you call it on Etsy, not “window shopping”. Here’s what I’m wanting at the moment…

 By Kate Szabone

 By Avalove

 By Oak Clothing

Guessss Whaaat!

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I have a Main Showcase today! Make sure you check it out (:

We’re up in Yellow Knife for a wedding this weekend, it’s an adventure and a half so I’ll have to write more about it later. Have a great weekend!!

Feature Friday!

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It’s the end of another week, another BEAUTIFUL week here in BC. Finally it feels like summer here!!

This weeks feature is Dayler, a great stop for unique wallets. Really, you aren’t going to find these anywhere else…just Dayler. They’d be great as gifts or something to funk up your packpocket. I know a few boys who’d just love the gun wallet and my sister would fall head over heels for the Aaron Kraten one.




Dayler’s products suite just about every style. You know those hard to buy for teens? This is the gift they want. Trust me. It’s the “in” thing. Why not stuff a few bills in there while you’re at it, kids can always use money.

Get a Makeover!

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I just LOVE watching those shows on TV where a frumpy mom, or young punk girl, gets a makeover. It’s so awesome to see the transformation and to see the women realize her full potential and beauty!

I can imagine that the change is pretty nerve wracking, but at the same time, it must feel like a weight has been lifted.

Sometimes, it’s not only our bodies that need a makeover, it’s our Etsy shops. They look good to us at first and then they start to get run down and worn out. Most of the time we don’t realize it because it looks ok to us, but viewers coming in can see it right away. Maybe the banner is a tad blurry, the pictures aren’t lit quite right, the descriptions are lacking…there’s tons of things that can always use a pick me up.

Here’s a few things I try to constantly work on:

  • Changing my pictures. I like to make sure they’re all still attractive (I know some of them need work right now actually!), colorful, bright and are clickable. It’s a great idea to make sure the viewers can see the size of the item by the pictures too, whether that’s comparing them to a ruler in the picture or by displaying the item being used (a picture of a bracelet on a wrist, a hand holding the clutch, or the shoulder bag on someone). You can also do this by not making it obvious too, by placing a familiar item in the picture such as a pencil, a cell phone, a book etc.
  • Change the description. I just love it when I go into an Etsy store and their descriptions actually make you want to read the whole thing. I like to make sure my descriptions are fun, create a picture in the readers mind, and give them the information they need to know. Since changing this info doesn’t cost anything and it might bring a sale, I like to change the wording up every now and then.
  • Changing the banner. I’m seriously addicted to banners. They’re so cheap and you can get custom made or really great pre-made ones! I really think that banners create the feel for your store. They’re the first thing that the viewers see when they click on your shop. If you’re making your own (fun too!) make sure the banner suites your style and is crisp and clear. Blurry images leave the viewer thinking that the store isn’t as professional as it could be.

Here’s some great tips on how to maxamize your shop views!

Re-working your store can take a lot of time, make a goal you think you can acheive and stick with it! Maybe you only have 15 minutes a day you want to spend doing this, or maybe you’d rather re-make two items in your store a day. Either way, it helps to make a goal.

Taking a browse through other stores for ideas on your descriptions and make sure to have fun!!

Little Cowboy

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My sister in law is pregnant for the second time and I have this feeling she’s going to have a little boy. She thinks so too, although she’s really nervous about the energy she’s heard boys have. I’m trying to convince her to call him Jasper, but it’s not working so far.

I found this great little pair of cowboy booties on Etsy that I’d love to get for the baby, but I’m going to wait until I see if it’s a boy or not (:


And this cute little shirt with it!