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Creative Lapse

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This week has been really lacking in creativity for me…well, when it comes to sewing and my normal crafts, I guess I’ve been creative in a different way.

Last nights event with Karla Carol-Ann, the makeup artist and fashion stylist from NYC was really interesting. I spent all day at the hotel getting the conference room ready, decorating and making sure the set up of the room was what we needed (the hotel didn’t take notes when I was describing what I wanted before and had everything completely wrong when I got there).

The biggest thing I learned from Karla was to wash my makeup brushes…did you know to do this?? I had no idea! But it really makes sense since you’re using them constantly and they collect bacteria. Also, I discovered that I need to get new brushes for my eye makeup. Anything to make the morning ritual go faster!


But that’s enough about that…

Creativity is a MUST for tonight! I’ll be working on accomplishing my weekly goals as well as sewing a new Kiki Bag, special ordered from a co-worker. I’m excited to work on this bag as it’s the same style as my Hobo Bag. It’s just a fun and cute style.

I’m also still waiting for my grommet press that I ordered on Ebay, I hope it comes before the weekend so I can have a project to work on during my off days.



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Looks like I have more projects to work on! I received the Amy Butler fabric and some Gocco bulbs in the mail this morning (: YAY!! I’ve been wanting to try out some more stuff with my Gocco but haven’t had any bulbs! I can’t wait to do up some cards to sell at the Farmers Market this weekend! And that fabric…doesn’t it just leave you speechless?? It’s so beautiful I can’t stop staring at it!

Did I tell you I went on a fabric shopping spree this weekend? Well, I did. I thought there was still a huge sale at Fabric Land so I traveled two hours to go to one…and it turned out the sale was over. But being the bargain shopper I am, I still managed to stay within my budget and find some great fabrics. These fabrics were still on sale, but just not the amazing 50-70% off that I was hoping for.

I’ll be making these fabrics into bags starting tonight (no matter how tired I am!) and selling them at the Farmers Market this weekend! I can’t wait!!



Goals: Week 6

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Oopsy! I just realized I skipped doing my weekly Goal entry last week!

July 6-13 = 330 views (Not bad…at least I got closer to my goal of 350 views per week. But the amount of daily views was really inconsistent, which is something I need to concentrate on more).

This past weeks views got up to 425 views. The average views per day was pretty steady, so I’m happy with that, although the weekend views are still down. The reason I exceeded my views was because I posted my blog link into an Etsy forum post about promotions. I thought I would drop the link there because the author of the post was asking about money saving ways to promote their Etsy store…and I had a couple in depth entries on that subject. Turns out, I got a huge amount of views from just that little link drop! Niiiice.

I’ve been noticing this past week that views have been easier to come by. I’ve still been promoting, but it seems as though I have some daily readers that pop by no matter if I promote the blog or not. This is awesome!! I really love the thought of having daily readers and people who constantly comment and enjoy my entries! It’s so exciting!!

Also, I’ve noticed in my stats that I’ve been getting a couple people finding the Kj Blog through the WordPress Dashboard (the WP main page)…which I’m thinking means that my blog has been on the main page (: That’d be so cool!!

This weeks creative goals:

  • Sewing at least one Kj Bag each evening (two or three would be ideal)
  • Making more price tags
  • Starting to crochet the hat I meant to start last week :b
  • Working more on my BIG PROJECT (shhh! It’s a secret!)

Business Cards and Fabric

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Yesterday I went on a shopping spree…Just a little one, but one that made me feel GREAT (girls, you know what I mean right?). I bought some really great Amy Butler fabric:


And some awesome pink linen to line it:


I’m also looking for some hook/clasps for my new pattern….I’ll be able to go ahead with it when I get my grommet press and I can’t wait!! I’m going to be doing an entirely different style bag with a nice snug handle made from webbing (a new word I just learned yesterday:). I’m really excited to get onto this project and can’t wait to receive my grommet press.

I’ve also been looking into getting pro business cards done. I don’t mind the ones I make for myself, but it’d be great to have some professional looking ones both in finish and design. I’ve been pricing out a few Etsy businesses, but so far Apples and Chalk Dust looks like the best bet.

The Market

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For the first time on Saturday, I went to the Farmers Market here in town. I had to be there by 8am (on a Saturday, this just about killed me!), I grabbed a Tims coffee before I went and then drove to the parking lot where the Market is held. I set up my table and waited for the customers to start arriving.

I seriously had so much fun! There were so many people enjoying the hot day, everyone was so friendly, and there were so many great booths set up. I actually met another Etsy sellerthere too, from a town just north of us…the first Etsy seller that I’ve met! I really should have taken a picture of us…didn’t think of that.


Financially, the day was a huge success…to me anyways. I’m not sure what the avarage Farmers Market booth would bring in, but I sold $190 of products! I was hoping for a minimun of two sales, and I ended up selling:

  • 1 Kj Bag
  • 5 Zippies and
  • 3 Kitty Bags!

I’m hoping that this success isn’t just because I was a new and unique booth at the Farmers Market…I mean, that’s great, but I’d like these sales to continue even after people get used to seeing me there.

The most exciting part of the day was when a lady came up to me and asked “Are you Katelyn Jane?”. My eyes went wide…people are actually starting to know who I am! I’m getting famous (:

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to the Market next week, but I’m planning on making a ton of bags in the meantime and going again the week after next. I’ll be on my way to owning a grommit maker, a button maker and fixing up my craft studio in no time!

Learning Something New

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I think one of my downfalls is my love for learning a new craft. It’s a good thing because it stretches my mind and makes my crafting know-how go a bit further, but it also ends up costing a bunch of money. Like when I wanted to learn the Gocco Printer, or now, when I’d like to try out the button maker. Little projects I’ve tried like crocheting, don’t cost much and are UBER fun (uber is a word you just have to start useing, it’s the new “awesome” or “super” or “neato” to those addicted to Anchor Man). I try to find more projects like these, ones that won’t break the bank, but sometimes you just need to splurge and try something really big.

There’s a new video in the Storque today that you might want to check out if you’re looking for a new and affordable craft. It’s all about embroidery and learning the Running Stitch. Becca is a great teacher and has very clear instructions. Make sure you take a peek and learn about your new addiction!

I was busy sewing last night, a Kj Bag (this is the name I’ve stuck with for the big bags I’m making) out of the load of fabric I bought a couple of weekends ago. So far it looks amazing…if I may say so. I have a serious lust for the material I used…the colors are so amazing! I’ll post pictures this evening of the finished product and the steps I took to get there, make sure you come take a peek!

I love getting mail!

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I came home at lunch on Friday to find two packages waiting for me! One full of this great fabric I found on Ebay and the other MY GOCCO!!!!!! All the way from Japan, little Japanese candies, paper bags and clothes-pins included! I have yet to use my Gocco since I didn’t have the PERFECT picture to start with, but I’ll be experimenting tonight, so hopefully it goes well and I can post pictures soon.

Also, the Ebay seller that I bought the fabric from has an Etsy shop! Check it out!

I’ll be making a Kiki bag out of the fabric and I can’t wait to get started…now if only I had some free time….

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(before the mess)

Today I was reading through Murray Adams blog (she’s one of my new faves) and saw that she had posted pictures of her work space. I decided that was a cool idea and in response to her call for pictures of other’s work spaces, here’s mine!

(after the mess)

I just have to keep telling myself that mess happens to everyone, especially crafters! It’s just naaaatural!

So last night Hubby and I went to the gym. We go several times a week. If it’s a “good week”, I go about four or five times, if it’s a “bad week” it’s more like two or three.

I went for my usual run, about half hour and then on the bike until Hubby was done (10 minutesish?). He decided to go and look at this quad he’s wanting to buy and I drove home.

Cobie needed a walk so I let her on the road and we started to go our normal route. I still had energy from the gym (you know, that adrenalin rush) and so I started jogging. Before I knew it, we had passed our normal route, gone a couple blocks further and then looped back home. I ran the whole way!! WOOOOOO!!

I’ve always loved running. I tried to run outside last year and it was so different than running on a treadmill that it really discouraged me. This time I paced myself and ran the entire way and I’m SO pumped! I’m definitely starting to run outside this spring and summer (:

Sorry, there were multiple subjects in this post (:

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Remember that vintage stuff I got from my Great Aunt? I finally finished my project with one of the items, an awesome table cloth. Sucky thing is, even though the outside edges of the red stripe matched up, the inside edges didn’t…AND there were these stupid puckers…I tried to fix them but it didn’t work! Does it add to the quaintness? (:


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It’s finally Friday! The tough week is almost over (ok, there’s still like seven hours until the day is over, but still!). Actually, these past couple of days have been ok, I’ve been getting my good attitude back and looking forward to the new job-adventures ahead.

I’ve had a good response from one of my resumes so hopefully that means I’ll have an interview early next week. HOPEFULLY Tuesday…I don’t think I can wait much longer than that! I’m dying to start a new job and leave this drama behind. I’m not into drama unless it’s a movie. Then at least it’s over within a couple hours.

One of the girls brought me Mini-Eggs today (: She’s such a sweetie. Chocolate makes me happy(ier).

I can’t wait for tomorrow, the hubby is going sledding (fyi: not tobogganing, the motorized ‘sledding’) so I have plans to brainstorm more with Krystal. We have a couple flower shops to visit and some more ideas to go over. She was trying to think of what to do with her favors, she has a few little things she wants to give the guests and didn’t know how to bundle them up. I thought that we could put them in little brown bags with ribbon handles and stamp the front with this great calligraphy stamp I have. We’ll have to see what she thinks. Hopefully we’ll be starting to make the center pieces soon and I’ll post pictures! I would tell you what they’re going to be like, but I think pictures will be better (:

I’ve decided I need to make curtains for my sewing room. I already have some, but the pull down ones are so old and ugly, I need something funky! Check out Martha Stewart’s instructions! I love her!