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Takin a Trip

In camp, camping, fire, glacier, marshmallows, traveling on April 12, 2008 at 5:58 pm

My new laptop sucks. Well, it doesn’t, it’s cool, but the lack of RAM sucks. Sorry about not posting another post last night! I really did mean to and tried to, but this new computer isn’t uploading pictures for some reason. And when it decides to, it takes half an hour. Maybe not quite. But too long! So I’m using my husbands computer this morning.

I woke up late today, read for an hour, just finished my bowl of Cream of Wheat and have to start preparing for camping. I have a love hate relationship with camping. It’s so much fun when we get out to our camping spot, relax, quad around or roast marshmallows. But the getting there and the coming home really aren’t my favorite things in this world. The packing and unpacking…I hate.

We have a remote camping spot that we go to every year. We’ve been attempting to reach a glacier three years in a row now, but each time something stops us. Last year we hit a lake that seemed to block our way entirely. I’m not sure that any path we take now will bring us to the glacier, but we had a lot of adventures trying to get there!

Tonight we’re going to head to one of my favorite camping spots. It’s an actual government camping spot that no one goes to in the spring and fall (which is great, because we love to camp in these seasons!). Usually we don’t camp in “actual camps” because they really limit your activities and there’s way to many people around. This camping spot is at the very edge of a river, surrounded by trees and we always take the spot at the end of the road. It’s completely secluded and so beautiful. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures to post at the end of the weekend!

Have a great weekend guys! I’ll be writing more when we come home!


The Romantic In Me

In etsy, fields, lavender, seller, store, traveling, tuscany on February 15, 2008 at 5:27 am

This place is my dream. I’m such a romantic. The beauty of a place like this could keep me happy for hours upon hours. I seriously don’t have words for how satisfied I would be to visit Tuscany or any other beauty destination like it. Sigh. We’re saving for a trip ….hopefully it will happen sooner rather than later (:

I’d love to go to Greece to see the sites, I don’t have a huge interest in the BIG sites, but I’d love to visit little towns and stay off the beaten track. My thoughts for our trip mostly have to do with photography. The hubby needs the history, and I’m totally up for that too.

I have family in England and have been there several times. The last time we went there we visited several castles and mansions in the area and were given the whole tour and background of the the properties. The history was AMAZZZZING!! Battles, kings visits…you name it! It was so incredible. I came back to my Socials teacher (I was still in school at the time) and was so mad at her for teaching us boring ol’ Canadian history. Hopefully this next trip will be even more rewarding! I can’t wait!