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I was going to be blogging about something totally different today and then I got “led” to this store….isn’t it amazzzzzing? Love it. Love. IT! The Machine Stops is a freaking awesome store with super colorful photos that immediately (as per the now different blog!) draw you to their products.

I love these clothes, they’re so original, so serendipitous (I like that word…not sure if it works…but I like it!) it’s hard to not click the “buy” button!

Sigh. If only I was having the weather they are in the pictures.

Guess what temperature it is here. Guess. GUESS!! Nope, wrong. It’s -30 degrees celcius. WITH a windchill. So really, it’s like -48. Just lovely hey? I wonder if frostbite looks as good as a sunburn?

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I love funk. I love unique items that are funky and ingenious. As hopefully you can tell by the items I post (: And most of all, I love having things that other people don’t. Isn’t it a pain to go into someones house and see that they have the same stuff as you? It’s really not that bad, but it would be so nice if everyone didn’t shop at WalMart or other big department stores! Etsy (wink wink) is the first step in this direction. The first EASY step. Do you realize how EASY it is to buy on Etsy? Click click click and tada! You have uniqueness. Ok, well, not right away, but you’ll have at a week later (: And it’s so worth it!

Here are a couple more of my fave stores. The first one is Inkjet Designs, an awesome little company based out of England (yay for Brits!).

The second it a gorgeous etsy stop; Allisons Photography. Seriously, who wouldn’t want pink snakeskin magnets or zebra coasters??

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I have a serious love for unique things. I just love them! There’s no other explanation. Unique ideas, products, styles, all of them get me excited. It’s why I love these pendants as much as I do, they are completely unique. I’ve been all over Etsy and haven’t seen stuff like these sellers offer. Sure, there are some stores that are similar but they’re not the same. These stores offer that twinge of difference that sets them apart. I love them (: They’re on my huge list of favorites.

Julie Ann Creations

Littleput Books

The Lola Collection

This year (have I mentioned this before?) I’m trying to do all of my Christmas shopping on Etsy. There’s so many unique items, so many things that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. Because I’ve been on Etsy for a while I have a lot of Favorites stored up on my profile. It makes it easy for me to find what I’m looking for.

One thing I just learned (silly me!) is how to make a Search on Etsy a bit more focused in on what you were hoping to find. Type in SEVERAL words. Ha. Yeah, I’m sure bright. I used to just type in “quilt” or “mug”. Now I’ve found that it’s WAY better to type in “pottery, mug, blue”, or “quilt, red, leaves”. It really narrows down the search!

I just got the Christmas gift I had purchased for my sister in the mail! It’s beautiful! Oops. Hope she doesn’t see this!

It’s from yet another favorite store of mine: Imogen