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(before the mess)

Today I was reading through Murray Adams blog (she’s one of my new faves) and saw that she had posted pictures of her work space. I decided that was a cool idea and in response to her call for pictures of other’s work spaces, here’s mine!

(after the mess)

I just have to keep telling myself that mess happens to everyone, especially crafters! It’s just naaaatural!

So last night Hubby and I went to the gym. We go several times a week. If it’s a “good week”, I go about four or five times, if it’s a “bad week” it’s more like two or three.

I went for my usual run, about half hour and then on the bike until Hubby was done (10 minutesish?). He decided to go and look at this quad he’s wanting to buy and I drove home.

Cobie needed a walk so I let her on the road and we started to go our normal route. I still had energy from the gym (you know, that adrenalin rush) and so I started jogging. Before I knew it, we had passed our normal route, gone a couple blocks further and then looped back home. I ran the whole way!! WOOOOOO!!

I’ve always loved running. I tried to run outside last year and it was so different than running on a treadmill that it really discouraged me. This time I paced myself and ran the entire way and I’m SO pumped! I’m definitely starting to run outside this spring and summer (:

Sorry, there were multiple subjects in this post (:


Need A Laugh

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After a hard days work (today sucked!) I needed a laugh. Here’s Flight of the Concord, a New Zealand comedy group (: I hope you laugh as much as I did!

Brilliant Business Plan!

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Today has been a rough day. I just don’t want to be at work, I need to be handing out resumes and getting my next job rolling. Not even that, I just don’t have my heart in my work anymore! But it was cheered up with the delivery of a raspberry yogurt thingy which totally made my day. One of the girls here at the office got it for me…so sweet!

I love raspberries! They make it feel as though summer is here. When I was little we used to gave raspberries and ice cream at my Nana’s house in the summer, so I think it all stems from that. I planted raspberry bushes (ok, twigs!) in my garden last year so I hope they have a couple more berries on them this year!

Ok. Business Plan #1: There’s a company here in town that individuals can present their business plans to and if they approve them, they will fund you for 54 weeks of pay while you get set up. They will also fund for business cards, rent of office space and start up supplies. One of the girls the other night suggested that I try doing this with my wedding planning stuff. I’m really considering trying it! If it doesn’t work, well at least I spent 54 weeks giving myself a head-start, I can always get a job and keep trying the wedding planning on the side.

We’ll see how it goes.

I love this pictures. It’s by Irene Suchocki. You gotta check out the rest of her store too…it’s amazing!

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Life is always challenging. It has it’s ups and downs, dark valleys and bright hill tops.

Today is a mixture of both for me. My boss just told me that they have decided (after considering to lay me off, but not wanting to get rid of this smiling face) to keep me on for a three month term. It’s good to know that he’s wanting to keep me around, there were several discussions leading to this point so it shows me he appreciates my effort. But at the same time, it demotes me. My duties will now be organizing the office, sorting out the vaults and doing any other odd job they can find. Totally not what I was hired to do, a legal assistant. There you go, one up, one down.

As soon as I heard that my job was being bumped down to temporary, I slacked from my every day work and jumped on the net to see what jobs were available in my area. A sucky thing to do. I hate looking for jobs! It’s just become to regular for me.

Let me just take a moment here to clarify. I know that when someone mentions that looking for a job is usual for them, everyone always thinks that they must not be a good employee…but, without being full of myself, that’s not me. I work hard, I’m positive, I learn fast and I take correction well. Buuuuut, bosses just like to quit on me! Seriously, the past three now have quit. The other jobs I have had all ended with good reasons as well, nothing to do with my performance.

Anyway, I jumped on the computer and found a posting, exactly what suites me!, that was posted yesterday. I’ll apply as soon as I can and hopefully get a response asap. It’s an administrative assistant job which is just what I’d love to do, basically the field I’m in now (if I wasn’t just demoted). YAY!!

So there’s another bright hill. Maybe they’re out numbering the dark valleys…which is always a good thing!