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I just blogged another guest blog on TransCanada Etsy Team blog. Take a look and leave your comments!

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If you’ve been visiting this blog, this creative vent, you’ll have noticed that it’s been evolving. It’s grown from an ever changing ad for my favorite Etsy stores, to one of quick blips on life and tiny things I found interesting, to this, a (hopefully) deeper place filled with longer posts with deeper meaning (with some humor mixed in).

My Note Book will always be changing, hopefully for the better, but I like the place it’s becoming now. I like writing longer posts, challenging my writing skills and sharing a bit more about me. I’ll still be posting the odd link to my favorite Etsy store or YouTube clip, but I’m going to try to make this space something meaningful.

By the way, check out my Scared Silly story down below! It’s an entry in the writing contest by Shelly at This Eclectic Life. Post your own entry to this contest and let Shelly know!

Also, remember to check out the DYI Wedding Series in the Storque on Etsy. This is just one of the articles they’ve posted, but it’s great! Oh, and then come to my Etsy store, purchase of one of my Wedding Planning Packages and I’ll help you make your wedding a unique and affordable event. What, I have a slick sales-man smile on my face? Nooooo…

Scared Silly

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* This blog entry is in response to the “Scared Silly” blogging contests that Shelly Tucker, from This Eclectic Life, is hosting. Kudos to Damien from Postcards From the Funny Farm for blogging about it!

When I was seven years old my parents moved our family from a small British Columbia logging town to the big city of Victoria, BC.

I loved our new house, our new friends and our new school. My sister and I used to walk to school from our house with our matching backpacks and braided brunette pigtails. (At one point I decided my five year old sister needed to grow up so I ran home while she walked by herself. I wasn’t trying to be mean, I just thought she was old enough to do it on her own!).

Our walk to and from school consisted of several blocks, one hill, passing my crushes house…and then the corner. This particular corner was only a block from my house, I could see it across the two lane highway. This is what made the corner seem even worse. My house was so close, but yet so…..faaaaaar…..away!

My friend Christina had told me about the witch that lived on this corner. “That corner?” I asked, pointing. The house had old brown ivy crawling up the outside walls, chipping green paint and a deep front porch where the old witch sat and watched me as I walked home from school. I couldn’t see her, but I knew she was watching. “She’s got a wart,” Christina said. “It’s on her nose.”

Every time I walked by that old house…well, I wouldn’t walk. I’d run. I’d run as fast as i could until I reached the highway and then I’d take the first space in traffic and run the rest of the way home.

One terrible day I was walking home and I decided to be brave. I would walk past the ol’ witches house. I would taunt her. So I walked slowly past, trying to stop shaking, and trying to look tough. Suddenly I heard a vehicle behind me. Right behind me. It pulled up beside me and drove slowly at the same pace I was walking. I didn’t look over. I knew it was the witch. I walked faster. The vehicle sped up to the same pace. I broke into a run, whimpering, I knew she was going to get me. It honked. I didn’t look back and ran as fast as I could across the empty highway and into my yard. I finally let go of the breathe I was holding as I slammed the gate behind me. That stupid witch.

A vehicle rolled into the driveway on the other side of the gate. “Katie,” my moms friend Barb called, “why were you running away from me?”


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So I was reading a decorating magazine last night, one of the few I bought lately…I think it was Decorating on a Budget (which is published by Country Living)…and I came across an article on women entrepreneurs. That’s inspiring enough! There were quick blips on how they got started and their experiences etc, which were super interesting (I wish they were longer, but their web site actually has more information). As I’m browsing through the different success stories (seriously, I hope I’m one of them someday!) I stop on a name that’s familiar. “Alicia Paulson”, where do I know that name from? I knew I knew her from somewhere! Then I read that she blogs and it all falls into place. Alicia Paulson is the author of one of my favorite blogs, Posie Gets Cozy, and daily reads (:

Not only is she an inspiration to me because of her success as a business woman, but also because of her success as a blogger. An example: She posted a blog yesterday, as in February 26, 2008, and it already has 79 comments on it. Not that comments are everything, but they sure are an encouragement to the author AND they show the amount of readers the blog has. Amazing.

So last night the meeting with Krystal went really well. I felt so professional sitting there for coffee and going over my list of questions and ideas. She said she’s so relieved that I’m helping her, she’s not near as stressed…which makes me feel so good! That’s all that I need (:

Most of our ideas are now written down and the biggest decisions have been made so all we need to do now is start to get the crafting items together so we can start to make the center pieces and other decorations. I’ll be posting pictures as we start creating! I can’t wait!

One of the many ideas we have decided on is to get these chair covers, ivory with green ties, for the reception. Should look stunning!

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Poor Brian…I know how he feels (: Stewie! You jerk with the football for a head! Leave him alone!