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Blogging Techniques

In Uncategorized on August 14, 2008 at 3:00 pm

Doing the Business Techniques series (hopefully I’ll have more entries on that shortly!) really got me thinking about how much pieces of advice from successful individuals really is inspiring and helpful. I took a lot out of what the seller said about their money managing techniques. I decided to do something similar with Blogging Techniques.

I asked a couple of my favorite bloggers about their blogging techniques or advice on blogging and I’ll be posting their advice in a couple different entries.

My first question went out to Blaze who is both a fellow blogger and Etsy seller: How have you found success as a blogger?

Blaze answered:  I have found, through blogging for almost a year, that a lot of wonderful things come from blogging. I have found amazing friends, and a community that spans over seas and mountains. 🙂 Not only have I found inspiring folks that are kindred spirits, I also have had a wonderful time inspiring new friends and building relationships over pretty things.

Here are a few things I’ve learned from others and from my own experience:

1.) Presentation matters. My favorite blogs to visit are always enchanting and aesthetically pleasing. I love when each post reflects the personality of the blogger, and favorite colors become very obvious. I love thinking about how each post will look with my header, so when a newcomer visits, they’ll see a balanced and pretty sight. It’s important to take extra time to take crisp photos, and write strategically to your goals. Every time before I hit “publish” I ask myself if my post is achieving my overall goal to inspire creativity, bring about old memories, and bring out the feminine, nostalgic, whimsy in all of us. 😉 Not to mention, feature all of my own artistic endeavors. 🙂

2.) Don’t apologize. A lot of times, I read about artists who are sorry or apologetic for their lack of posts, their artwork, or their shops. The best blogs I’ve found are confident and cheerful, seeming purposeful in all their activities. Of course, it’s important to explain long absences, but overall, it’s your blog. You don’t need to answer to anyone. 🙂

3.) Comment much. I LOVE commenting and receiving comments. 🙂 That’s the whole purpose of blogging (at least to me!), and networking is super fun. I have slowly built up quite a few dear friends who check in regularly, and every once in a while I’ll comment on about 50 random blogs. That way, I’ll make a few new friends, who will hopefully become regular visitors. It also keeps expanding my circle, and a lot of doors have opened for me this way. My friends are a great source of encouragement and advice, and I don’t think I would enjoy blogging if it weren’t for them. Of course it goes both ways, and I love catching up with their doings as well. (There are even some people that I hope very much to meet someday!!)

I have learned to love my blog very much, and I think it’s a great way to make wonderful friendships, as well as a way to keep people interested in myself and my artwork. I recommend it very much. 😀