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I know, I know! Enough screen shots already! I just wanted to share this one, maybe I’ll have it in a Treasury soon!

Work is getting to me…I’m really begging that I’ll have the opportunity to quit my job soon and work full-time with Etsy. I need to be my own boss. I won’t get into it, but if you have a boss, you know the issues that can come up. It’s gettin old. I’m just sayin’.

I wish I could stay home from work this afternoon!

The Newest Bag

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The newest addition to the KJ collection (: A woman at the Farmers Market last weekend told me her daughter in law loved browns and she was wanting a bag of mine for her. She was thinking brown floral, but since I already had this fabric I’m hoping it’s something she would like.


I put button closures on the pockets, which I think adds a cute look.


Annnnd! I added a zippered pocket on the inside of the bag, something I’m really proud about!! I’ve never done a zipper like this and I think it’s the perfect touch to the Kj Bags. I’ll be doing it in all of them from here on.

I have a few more dreams for my Kj Bags, such as adding adjustable straps and O rings at the base of the handles. I really have to think about things before I add them to my bags. I like to make sure they’ll look good and figure out the “how-to” in my head before I start trying.

I love this bag…I really wish I could keep it for myself!