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Just a Few

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As you can see, we’re still not in the ‘green’ stage, but it’s coming! We saw a tinge of green on the trees on the drive home.

Just a note: After the first picture was taken, Cobie fell off of the log, 5 feet into a splash of water. She didn’t get hurt, but she enjoyed a quick swim! It doesn’t look like the log is that far off of the water, does it?

I can’t wait to go camping again!



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Hubby and I went camping this weekend, and it was so refreshing to go out of town, escape the busy life and press the “restart” button.

Our camping spot is about 45 minutes out of town and pretty much in the middle of no-where. We love this spot, it’s surrounded by trees, beside a flowing river and really private (other camping spots are down the road, but no where near our spot). My favorite part of the weekend was when we were about to go into the camper for bed, the fire had dwindled down and it was near pitch-black. I looked up at the sky and the stars were so bright and so deep, it was hard to look away. Amazing!

Our dog had so much fun going for a run with the quad, swimming after beavers and wrestling with her friend Dom. She was finally out of energy by the time we got home…that never happens!

And today, real life continues…I’m at work, pretending to work, I had to wake up early, I need to book a hair trim, I’m making lists for Arbonne parties and orders, I’m trying not to think of England because we’re just that much closer (eek!!!)!

I’m being featured on Wunderbug this morning, on Courtney’s “My Story” entry. Take a peek!

Camping and Wine

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Have you ever noticed that weekends seem longer when you do something on Friday nights? This past Friday, hubby and I went camping, just the two of us to one of our favorite spots. We brought a bottle of wine, Yahtzee, white Cheddar pop corn and enjoyed the gorgeous view of the unending stars. I just love the top picture, it totally captures my kind of camping!



Today is another beautiful day so we’re heading out with some friends for a fire and hot dog roast. While us girls chat and enjoy the day, the boys will be filling our truck with more fire wood for the wood stove. Living in the cold cold north means you have to get a big head start on the snow.

More sewing this evening…I have a couple new bags cut out and ready to go and I think I’ll have a chance to finish both of them. Yet another twist as I find different styles I like. I’ll be posting pictures!