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Wedding Wednesday!

In Uncategorized on August 12, 2008 at 3:00 pm

Wowsah! It’s been a busy couple weeks, but I feel like this week is back in control and smoothing itself out already. Can I hear an AMEN?

This weeks Wedding Wednesday really gets me excited. There’s so much potential…but I’ll get to that later. We’ll start with pictures first:


I went down to Wal Mart and bought this vase for $3, the glue gun for $3, glue sticks for $3 and the hemp twine for $2.


I started by dabbing a dot of hot glue onto side of the vase at the very bottom. I didn’t cut the string into any length, but left it on the roll. I did unwrap a couple feet of it to give me some working room. At first I started glueing every single layer of string to the vase, but realized this wasn’t necessary. Instead I would put a spot of glue on the vase (about the size of half a dime) and quickly wrapped the string around the vase several times using the same dot of glue. I found with the one dot of glue, I could tack down aproximately four wraps of string.


Once I had covered the vase with the right height of twine (it just depends on the look you’re wanting) I glued the last string on and cut it an inch and a half (aprox) longer. I tucked the end of the string into a couple layers so it would look more finished.


Voila! Here’s the final product! I’ll just be using this vase for around the house, but it would be perfect for centre pieces at your wedding, surrounded by either t-lights or mini versions of the vase (votive holders would look great!). You could scatter pebbles around the table, or fall colored leaves too.

Like I said before, there is so many options with this centre piece! You could spray paint soup tins with your selected color and then glue the hemp string to it. Line several of these tins in a line, fill them with pussy willows or twigs like I have and surround them with t-lights. You could use votive holders in this same fashion, like I mentioned before.

Why not switch it up a bit? Instead of putting the willow twigs IN the vase, hot glue them to the side, and set a candle inside.

This vase cost me $4 to make ($3 for the vase and half of the hemp string…although it wasn’t quite that much). Now that’s affordable!

Wedding Wednesday

In wedding on July 16, 2008 at 3:00 pm

I’m so excited about this Wednesday entry! I had so much fun coming up with this project, and I’m really excited to get going on the next ones!

Today’s Wedding Wednesday is about place settings. Sounds boring, huh? They don’t have to be! Place settings are one way to make the guests tables look full and unique. Making the place settings match the rest of the decor means that you don’t have to have a huge centre piece, the place settings will look like they are part of it!


For this type of setting, I started off with three little sprigs of faux fern, a 12″ piece of ribbon, a funky paper napkin and the cutlery.

  • The fern I got from Michael’s comes in a much bigger sprig. From this main piece, I cut these three little pieces. Each large fern will give you enough little sprigs for two settings.
  • I picked up the ribbon from WalMart, in a sale bin. If you’re getting married, always keep your colors in mind when you go shopping. You never know when you’ll find great sales bins!
  • I got the napkins from Extra Foods (kinda like Super Store) for two bucks. There was at least 50 napkins in one package. Like I said above, keeping your colors in mind, grab great deals when you see them!


Instructions for Place Setting #1:

1. Take the three sprigs of fern and tie the ribbon around them.



2. Fold the napkin in half and place the cutlery on top.

3. Set the finished fern piece on top of the cutlery.


This place setting is easy as pie and super cheap, just make sure to remember to be continually on the look out for good deals! When you see a coupon for an item you want, clip it out and make sure you use it.


There’s a couple more options for this style of place setting. You can buy little envelopes at your local stationary store to place the cutlery inside.


Fold the napkin in thirds, and place it in the envelope, making sure it sticks out a couple inches (depending on what you think looks best). Place the fern sprigs on top and voila!


Here’s a couple other styles I tried:



With the option above, I sealed a regular white envelope and cut a couple inches off the top. I made the napkin into a fan, put it into the envelope and placed the cutlery in between the creases. I then tied a ribbon around the envelope.



You could also stamp the envelope, either leaving the ribbon off or still including it. In the picture below I just bunched a normal paper napkin, pinching it in the middle and smoothing it in half. 

Paper napkin might be a good option instead of renting cloth napkins or buying more expensive paper ones.


Or you could use a couple of ribbons to funk it up a bit, like I did below. I really like the look of the napkin folded nicely into the envelope here. I cut off the top of it, to get rid of the perferated look.


If you need to cut down on the price here’s some options:

  • Use only one or two fern sprigs per setting
  • Cut the ribbons shorter
  • Or use a stamp you already own

Remember: Deals Deals Deals!!! Where ever you go, look for the sales bins first before you look at the fully priced item. You might just find what you’re looking for at a really good discount! Use coupons whenever you can, little purchases add up so coupons really can help cut the costs. Also, ask for discounts. This can be a bit intimidating for some people, but just try it! What have you got to lose? A lot of stores have sympathy for brides and will be more than willing to give you a deal. If they say no, don’t be humiliated! Store clerks have so many customers come through their tills, it’s likely they won’t even remember who you are next time you shop there!