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The other day, while browsing my Facebook friends and their recent FB activity, I came across one friend and her Note on the subject of Twilight. Her Note consisted of a highly debatable opinion of the movie stemming from a Christian standpoint and there were many (many!!) heated responses in reaction to her post.

Just the night before, I had watched this latest movie screen phenomenon called Twilight and was thoroughlyimpressed! It’s been ages since I felt that much emotion in a movie, that much romance, that much heart. It was pure bliss watching it! And so, since I had just watched it and this FB friend’s Note was criticizing the lack of discernment Christians had about this movie, I was offended. To me, it’s a movie. A very clean one, at that. There was nothing in it that struck my conscience, before or after watching it…and there still isn’t.

A movie is a movie. There’s the obvious exceptions, but really…a Blockbuster Movie is a movie. Just like Gladiator, I Am Sam, Elizabeth and many more great movies, it’s there for the viewers pleasure and is meant to pull on heart strings. For all movies that come out onto the big screen, their goal is to create the frenzy that Twilight created. They strive towards that type of viewer/actor connection. Just because they hit it on the head, doesn’t mean that it’s ‘wrong’ to watch. It means it’s a great movie!

I guess this was a bit of a rant…but my point is this: Each of us is going to take offence to things. My friend took offence to the movie, I took offence to her response to the movie. But neither of us were in the wrong, we were just feeling what our persons, our history and our upbringing had taught us to feel. It doesn’t make it wrong, it just makes it different.

This type of thought might not apply in every single situation (although some people don’t believe in a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, I do) but in grey-areas or lenient areas, it does. Blogging being one of those areas too…We’re all entitled to our own opinion, but let’s be nice about it.

And if you notice someone being a bit harsh, or making statements you take offence to, just take a minute. Think:

“Is there a chance they might mean something else?”

Or maybe let it cross your mind: “What have they gone through to make them have this opinion?”. Give them the benefit of the doubt before posting a sharp comment or thinking badly about them.

Just my thoughts…

Ready Made

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Holy Moley. I’m going to be so addicted to this site, I can tell already! Talk about a great resource! One of my commenters yesterday (thanks Everydaycreate!) mentioned this site and of course I had to check it out…And because of that, I now have a list as long as my arm of things to make. Crafts for the bride I’m helping this summer, stuff for my craft room. Yep, it’s going to be an awesome site to have around.