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Sometimes people make “cute” look so effortless! Jeeze…

Well peeps, it’s -40c here and ice fog is surrounding my work place so thickly, you can’t see anything. Why we are still open is beyond me. Seriously. What farmer in his right mind is going to be needing tractor parts in weather like this??

I should have phoned in and said my truck wouldn’t start. Dangit. Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

I’ll have new pictures of the kitchen this evening. You wouldn’t believe what we (aka: Hubby) has accomplished! I just about pee my pants every time I walk into the kitchen. I can’t believe it’s really mine, really just about finished and really so amazing. Wow. I seriously feel SO blessed!


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And just like that, the kitchen flooring is in and the cupboards in all their pieces take over our space.

We’re almost there, home plate (ha! get it? kitche…plate…never mind. Unless you’re like me and have been eating off of styrofoam plates and plastic cutlery for months on end, you might not appreciate that comment. Who am I kidding? No one ever gets my ‘jokes’. Dangit! ) never seemed so close. But first, a break for a winter wedding.

Calgary is in the middle of a huge snow storm. One bigger than they’ve seen in years, or maybe it just seems like that. Our rehearsal was cancelled tonight because the pastor couldnt’ make it on the roads, families flights have been delayed and even calcelled….but we’re safe, warm and happy visiting in this hotel. Ok, we’ll maybe “happy visiting” isn’t the best way to describe it. But we are visiting. Gah, I wish that comment was a joke. Oh make me stop now. It’s late. I’m tired. I’ll stop.

I don’t know if this picture will do the roads and weather justice, but this is what we’re dealing with this weekend:

But it’s an adventure! I told my sis that we would have to have the wedding in a small street in the middle of the snow, like Pheobe on Friends. She didn’t laugh. Apparently that plan wasn’t an option.

Hopefully she’ll let me live through this weekend…

Help me.


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I’m a two-timin’ blogger! I have two blogs going now…as if I don’t have enough to fill my time 😀

I love to write though, and I started this little ditty of a blog for a fictional character, Kitty. I thought it would be a cool way to write a story.

See what you think!

Other than that, life has been busy with Arbonne…my business is growing like I didn’t think was possible! I’m SO excited to see it expanding and  growing into my goals. It’s really cool to know that soon I’ll be able to quit my day job (or at least replace my income)!

The house is coming along too, windows and doors are in, sub floor is layed, roof is fully finished. We’re working on the electrical now and then we’ll be on to insulation (which is important, considering we’ve already had a snowfall!) and drywalling. Woo!! Pictures to come, I promise!!

It’s Coming!

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Our house renos are slowly coming! Yay!! Since this picture was taken a few days ago, the shingles were completed and today the whole (or moat, as we call it) around the addition was filled.


I know it’s not that pretty of a sight, but in my eyes, I can see the new siding, windows and doors, and the beautiful and huge kitchen I’ll have soon!

Flooring, cabinets and countertop are ordered. The Garden doors for the other side of the addition and the new door and windows are in! We’re SO excited that this is all coming together a nicely as it is. We’re not only feeling excited, we’re feeling blessed.

See that big window on the white part of the house? And the door beside it? My next project (maybe I’m thinking a bit too far ahead…) is to make that big window another set of Garden Doors and block up that existing door. But my hubby would die if I mentioned that while we’re still in the middle of these kitchen renos! Haha!

Have a good weekend everyone!

House Renos

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Well, it turns out that nagging your husband works….and then you suffer because of it, haha.

We’re finally getting going on our new kitchen! I’d been constantly presenting Hubby with ideas on a new kitchen, pictures, floor plans, color combos…the threat to never have children. Haha, just joking with that one. But the truth is, we wouldn’t have been able to have more than one child in this house if we didn’t do something about the kitchen.

So finally Hubby sees the light and we start demolishing our kitchen and boot room. Now, our bootroom is gone and our kitchen has shrunk, there’s mud and dust everywhere. There’s also been a few thunderstorms since we took the roof off, which means we’ve been getting up at 2:30am to make sure the tarp is secured. Fun times!

But if we keep focused on the end result, it’s all down hill from here!

The foundation is being poured this afternoon (it’s more advanced than this picture…), cabinets and counter-tops will be ordered this next week, as soon as I can make sure the drawers and cupboards are where I will find them handy.

I’ll be posting pictures of the cupboards, counter-tops and paint chips as soon as I can!

We’re on our way!

My Escape

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My sister and brother in law have been storing their household items in our shed until they get into their own house. That time is now! Their house is finally ready for them to start moving things into it and even though I’m super excited for them, I’m also super excited to have our shed back.

I’ve had this huge dream to transform this shed into my creative escape. It’s a big shed, probably about 15’x15’…maybe a bit bigger. It’s going to have to store a few odd items in it (like tires, car parts etc) but for the most part, I’m going to claim it as mine. The hubby gets a huge shop to do his “crafts” in, I should be able to have my own shop too!

Here’s my plan:

  • Paint the floor white
  • Make long curtains to cover the walls (it will be just as much for paint, I figure, but will make it more homey and warm feeling). I know I won’t be able to afford the fabric that I linked too…at least not for the walls, but that’s the look I’ll be going for (:
  • I’m going to make my own sewing table from saw horses, a 4×8 sheet of Good 1 Side, and ceiling tile (you can pin right into the table to make your cuts just perfect!!). I’ll cover the tile with a canvas type material and staple it down.
  • I need a couch in there for guests
  • Bookshelves
  • A couple of drawer units
  • Some baskets
  • A rug
  • I’ll need an electric fireplace for the winter months and of course electricity, which I’ll have the trusty husband work on

I’m SO excited to get working on my shed! It’s going to take a year or two to get it to the final stage but it’s worth the wait. I just can’t wait to get started!

I’ll be posting pictures of our reno’s on the shed so check back to see our progress!