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Sometimes people make “cute” look so effortless! Jeeze…

Well peeps, it’s -40c here and ice fog is surrounding my work place so thickly, you can’t see anything. Why we are still open is beyond me. Seriously. What farmer in his right mind is going to be needing tractor parts in weather like this??

I should have phoned in and said my truck wouldn’t start. Dangit. Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

I’ll have new pictures of the kitchen this evening. You wouldn’t believe what we (aka: Hubby) has accomplished! I just about pee my pants every time I walk into the kitchen. I can’t believe it’s really mine, really just about finished and really so amazing. Wow. I seriously feel SO blessed!


The Kitch-en

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Hubby has thoughtfully designed a inset bookshelf in my kitchen, right above the small desk that will hold the phone and laptop. And, as fluke has it, a potlight is right above the shelf to add a homey and comfy glow. Love it!

I was thinking today, it would be cool to do some texture on the wall behind the desk and something creative with the inset shelf, to make it even more of a feature.

And somehow I found this link to doing wall stencils! I’m really loving on the look in the first video there. I think that might be the one.


And some cool brackets to finish off the shelf? Yep, I’m really loving this idea! I’m brilliant…


It’s My Party (and I’ll cry if I want to…)

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And I’m asking for:


Fosterweld Belt (to go with my awesome belt buckle from last year!)


Napkins for my kitchen table when the kitchen is finally finished. This colour would be perrrrfect.


The spare room needs a color scheme, this might be it…LOVE this quilt!!

A Girl’s Gotta Do…

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Lookit what I’ve bought! This wall decal from Willow Creek Signs is going to look perfect on our new light pink wall in the bedroom. Right above the cream colored bed…I can’t wait to put it up!

Then, a couple inches above our bedside tables, we’re going to hang these little pictures by Skinny Swallow. I already have one that is similar colors, but a different photo, and this Lilly Pad picture is going to look adorable on the opposite side of the bed.

I can’t wait to get these items in the mail and to start decorating our room a bit more. Once their up, I’ll actually make the bed and take a picture to share here!

I might buy this one later on…for above the dresser. Or somewhere else…I just have to have it!

Another thing I have to have: This pattern. I need to clean out my sewing room and sew a couple tops for England! I’m still stuck on what shoes to bring there though! We’re going to be doing a lot of walking…but I still want to wear my flats and sandals! What to do? Hubby thinks I’m being silly, but a girl’s gotta think about these things!

Any advice?



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I want:

These shoes

This hair thingy

This sweater

This wall decal for our bedroom

And this one too

This journal is pretty cute

And this necklace.

Stay classy San Diego.

Feature Friday – Little Sparrows Nest

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I’ve been trying to re-do our bedroom. My colors are pale green with one wall in a very light pink. I’m trying to come up with ways to decorate the wall above the bed and while I was looking through Etsy I found Little Sparrows Nest. Their pictures are really so beautiful, soft and elegant.

I’m imagining several of these pictures put into a large square…you would never loose interest in that collection of pictures…all different and breathtaking in it’s own ways.



Wedding Wednesday!

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Wowsah! It’s been a busy couple weeks, but I feel like this week is back in control and smoothing itself out already. Can I hear an AMEN?

This weeks Wedding Wednesday really gets me excited. There’s so much potential…but I’ll get to that later. We’ll start with pictures first:


I went down to Wal Mart and bought this vase for $3, the glue gun for $3, glue sticks for $3 and the hemp twine for $2.


I started by dabbing a dot of hot glue onto side of the vase at the very bottom. I didn’t cut the string into any length, but left it on the roll. I did unwrap a couple feet of it to give me some working room. At first I started glueing every single layer of string to the vase, but realized this wasn’t necessary. Instead I would put a spot of glue on the vase (about the size of half a dime) and quickly wrapped the string around the vase several times using the same dot of glue. I found with the one dot of glue, I could tack down aproximately four wraps of string.


Once I had covered the vase with the right height of twine (it just depends on the look you’re wanting) I glued the last string on and cut it an inch and a half (aprox) longer. I tucked the end of the string into a couple layers so it would look more finished.


Voila! Here’s the final product! I’ll just be using this vase for around the house, but it would be perfect for centre pieces at your wedding, surrounded by either t-lights or mini versions of the vase (votive holders would look great!). You could scatter pebbles around the table, or fall colored leaves too.

Like I said before, there is so many options with this centre piece! You could spray paint soup tins with your selected color and then glue the hemp string to it. Line several of these tins in a line, fill them with pussy willows or twigs like I have and surround them with t-lights. You could use votive holders in this same fashion, like I mentioned before.

Why not switch it up a bit? Instead of putting the willow twigs IN the vase, hot glue them to the side, and set a candle inside.

This vase cost me $4 to make ($3 for the vase and half of the hemp string…although it wasn’t quite that much). Now that’s affordable!

Don’t Forget!

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Tomorrow is Wednesday…know what that means? It means I’ll be posting my first Wedding Wednesday entry! Make sure you check in to learn about one way to decorate your wedding reception!

Wedding Ideas

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                           Photo courtesy of Design*Sponge


So I’m in the wedding planning mood. It might be because I just got my toes wet at the last wedding I was at (spur of the moment decorating) or maybe because I co-worker has invited me to see her decoration goodies. Either way, I’m wanting to do something super freakin funky.

Wouldn’t these lanternsbe amazing? They’d be super cheap to make and would fill the space of a table really well. The best part is, they suit any style! Just pick out your colors and go with it! You could have a few of the lanterns, different sizes (maybe even different colors) in the centre of the table, with shallow bowls around them holding t-lights. Or instead of the t-lights, fill the bowls with candy for favors.


To decorate the table a bit more you could use these envelopes to hold the cutlery and a funky colored napkin. Either secure the envelope shut and cut an inch or so off the top, or find a great colored envelope the opens vertically.


To bring the lanterns into the overall theme a bit more, you could hang Chinese Lanterns from the ceiling. You can get all types of colors, this fresh white lantern is on sale right now and would look amazing along side a chocolate brown one!

If you’re wanting any ideas for your special day, let me know what your colors are and I’ll come up with some affordable and fun ways to decorate.