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I’m Likin’…

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Don’t you just love the look of the new WP main page? Maybe you’re not a WordPress user, but you should look at the new page. It’s modern, sleek, easy to search around and super attractive. Love those new pictures!

The new page has really helped me find new blogs, of all types, and I love the different reads.

I often feel like I’m behind on the world’s happenings, but it’s articles like these that help me learn more about what’s going on in this universe. It takes me two minutes to read a quick article, and I feel better for it. That…and I get to swoon over Anderson Coopers picture. ūüėČ


Paper and Thread

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I’m in love with this Etsy store, Of Paper and Thread. The fabric in Danielle’s shop is all her own design (so awesome!) and I’m really loving the colors and prints. I also read Danielle’s blog and love all her entries, all about the her creative process and things she loves!

Workin’ Workin’ Workin’

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This weekend I didn’t sew and I only cut out one pattern. But I did work on my mugs! It’s funny how my mind is trained to think “If I sew, I’ve accomplished something”. I kept thinking all weekend, “oh crap, I haven’t done anything!”. But then I’d remember I had created seven 8 new mugs (one not shown because it doesn’t belong in the set), and I’d sigh with relief.

I also worked on my blog, notice the blogroll is back? Yay!!

Being bored Sunday night, I flipped through parts of Etsy I hadn’t been to in a while. I had fun Geolocating several different countries and found some great new artists!

I’ll definitely be featuring some of these new artist in the Friday Features.

Camping and Wine

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Have you ever noticed that weekends seem longer when you do something on Friday nights? This past Friday, hubby and I went camping, just the two of us to one of our favorite spots. We brought a bottle of wine, Yahtzee, white Cheddar pop corn and enjoyed the gorgeous view of the unending stars. I just love the top picture, it totally captures my kind of camping!



Today is another beautiful day so we’re heading out with some friends for a fire and hot dog roast. While us girls chat and enjoy the day, the boys will be filling our truck with more fire wood for the wood stove. Living in the cold cold north means you have to get a big head start on the snow.

More sewing this evening…I have a couple new bags cut out and ready to go and I think I’ll have a chance to finish both of them. Yet another twist as I find different styles I like. I’ll be posting pictures!


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Well, because of my hugely hectic week last week I forgot my Feature Friday!! How terrible am I??

So here it is today with a beautiful shop, Liza Rietz. It was hard for me just to pick a couple pictures from Liza’s shop! I wanted to use the whole store, it’s so beautiful!





Liza’s items are so classic and modern all rolled into one. They’re seriously timeless. If you’re looking for a beautifully unique item to wear, maybe to a wedding or a special party, or just something special for a first date, this is the place to shop.

So stunning!

Farmers Market #2

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Well, the trip to the Farmers Market this week was quite different than the last weekend…actually, it was the complete opposite. If It hadn’t been for my husbands Grandma coming around, I wouldn’t have sold a single thing! After all my preparation and getting up super early on Saturday, it was really dissapointing. It would have been even worse if I had been the only one that wasnt’ getting much response from buyers, but all the other stalls were saying it was a slow day for them as well.

I’ll be going back next weekend since several people mentioned they thought it would be a good week for sales. The Market will be having more live entertainment and refreshments since it will be BC’s 150th Birthday. It’s supposed to be a huge event so hopefully that will lead to more customers.

I was also talking to one of the other girls there and she mentioned a few craft fairs coming up that were known for being huge successes. I’ll be going to several of those this winter, I can’t wait! I’ve never been to a craft fair as a vendor before and I’m really excited to be involved a bit more!

Over all, the Farmers Market this week was a learning experience. I tried to stay positive, after all, it’s only my second one! And I will be going back,¬†I realize it isn’t a reflection on my work…but it’s still a bit hard not to be discouraged.


The New Business Cards

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Shannon’s so awesome! Look how she re-worked my business cards! I’ll be ordering a few after the Farmers Market next weekend and I can’t wait to have them in my hands…showing them off to everyone!

Business Card Proof

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I took my own advice (novel idea) and stopped in to Apples and Chalk Dust to get her to design a business card for me. I told her I liked swirls and the colors Pink and Slate Grey…this is what she came up with! What do you think? I haven’t ordered any just yet, I’d like to get some other opinions on them before I do.

I really like what she’s done here, leaving the fourth rounded corner is especially genius and I really love the font of “Katelyn Jane”.

Let me know what your thoughts are!


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Have you ever heard of this site? I just saw it featured on Etsy¬†as a buyer…they find artists on Etsy which is a cool concept in itself. BUT take a look at their site!¬†There’s SO MANY fricken awesome t’s. I think this is my favorite one so far. EVEN better is the fact that you can submit your own art work for their review. The Threadless community then votes on your submission and if your T is chosen as one of their next designs, you can win C.A.S.H.

Just what we’re all looking for eh? (Yeah, I said “eh”, gotta problem with that? Bring it.)