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I love this girls work! There’s something attractive to me about re-purposed clothing and the designers process is always interesting.

My dog is sitting beside me on the floor, nudging her ball towards me and watching it with begging eyes. She’s so weird. She’ll purposely roll it under our living room chairs and then look at us like “Please help. Please!”.

This weekend was so nice! Saturday afternoon I had an Arbonne party, a Spa Party, where I pampered the girls with a facial, foot treatment, hand scrub and massage. I love pampering people! One girl booked another party, so I can pamper her and her friends too. The guests were so relaxed they were saying they wanted a nap!

Snowy Spring Time

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Is there something wrong with these pictures?! Yesterday was the first day of SPRING! And my little, lovely, homey…freaking cold town…is in the middle of a blizzard.

I took Cobie out for a walk last night and decided to document the warm spring weather. It was a nice night though, as much as I would love green grass in replacement.

Little Cuties

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Lookit what happened last Thursday! That’s why I haven’t been here on the blog as often as I wanted last week (: But I figure it’s a great excuse. Cobie, our German Shepherd, had 12 puppies! While I was gone for the weekend they grew so much, they’re all chubbier and moving around more. So freaking adorable!

Green Grass

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Last night I tried to garden…I walked around the yard, hoping to find something to weed, something to get my hands dirty. Nothing. In our area, the veteran gardeners don’t suggest to plant your garden before the May Long weekend, so I can’t plant anything yet.

I ended up planting some Basil to grow in the house, grabbing my book and camera and laying on the grass for a while. Cobes thought I was playing, why else would I lay on the ground??, and would sporadically come and pounce on me or lick my face as she walked by. She finally settled down and chewed her twig while I relaxed, soaking up the sun and feeling the grass on my feet.

I’m so releived it summer! It feels so good to have the sun beating down and the yard looks so fresh and green and bright! I just can’t wait until after this weekend when I’ll plant my Foxgloves, Hollyhocks, Peonies, Lupins and hopefully a few Hydrangea trees (trees? or shrubs?).

The last picture of Cobie shows off her big ears…”Cobie – Bat Dog!”.

Q: What are your summer weekend plans?