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The Kj Blog

In blog, etsy on September 29, 2008 at 10:00 pm

I’ve been working on my domain lately, the other one (oooh, that makes me feel like I’m cheating on this blog: “the oooother one”. Like the other woman).

I was finally able to install the “Contact Page”, or “Write Me” as I named it. So awesome! I’d love to receive some emails, so write me dang it! (:

There’ll be more funky stuff happening on the new blog in the next little while, so keep taking a gander over there.



In Uncategorized on September 22, 2008 at 10:43 pm

I’ve got a Treasury West!!

I’ll add a screen shot when I get home, but I just couldn’t wait to post the link!

Also, have you checked out my new blog?¬†It’s a controversial one, let me know your thoughts (:

Take a Look!

In Uncategorized on September 16, 2008 at 10:29 pm

I was just over at my personal domain (love saying that!) katelynjane.com. I’d love you to take a peek into the site and let me know what you think! I’ve changed the theme and added another post. There’ll be some changes going on there as the days and weeks go on, I’m needing to educate myself when it comes to that site and hope to have it in ship-shape condition soon!

Yay, my very own site!

Big News!

In blog, etsy on August 8, 2008 at 8:00 pm

Yep, like promise there’s HUGE news today! It’s now official that katelynjane.com is owned and operated by ME (: That’s right, I have my own website, katelynjane.com!! At the moment I’m still working at understanding the set up, learning the ropes and getting it to where I want it to be. Eventually I’d like to move the blog over there, but we’ll keep it here for now.

I’ve been working on this project a lot lately and hope you love it as much as I do!! It’s been so much fun learning how to work the site (it’s wordpress.org and quite a bit different than wordpress.com) and¬†decorate the blog. I love the challenge and even though some parts of the process have been a bit overwhelming, I’ve still been having fun.

A big thanks to Damien who has been mentoring me in this process. I pestered him constantly for a while there, always asking questions and getting him to help me. Thanks Damien!

This is just one of the stepping stones towards my biggest goal. I have yet to put this goal into words, but I have an idea of it in my head. Slowly and surely.

Go on over to the new site and check it out! I’d love your input about the look, it’s been a fun process for me and I hope you love it too!!