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The dresses came in!!!

They’re two weeks early, which is fantastic! We couldnt’ believe it…And they fit perfectly, the quality is amazing. They are exactly what we thought they would be, which is really saying something when you’re ordering them from a web site and really have no idea what you’re getting.

But we’re so happy they’re in and that worry is off of our shoulders!

Don’t mind the green color in this photo, I think the olive background made it look “off”, but they’re really a deep forest green.

I highly recommend buying from Lightinthebox.com. Highly.

Oh, and yes, they’re a bit long, but we’ll be getting them hemmed. We ordered them with more length just in case…longer is better than shorter!



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The Mystery of the Bridesmaid Dresses has been solved! We’ve found a super deal on bridesmaid dresses at Light In The Box.com. The reviews on the site seemed excellent and the dresses are exactly what my sister was looking for. Other than the color…we went with a dark green instead of the sage she was initially going for. But that’s ok! It’s going to go great with her decor and the winter feeling of the celebration.

I wish I could include a picture, but the photo isn’t saving properly. Click on the link  to see the exact dress.

The dresses will arrive two weeks before my sisters wedding, so if there’s any issues hopefully that will be enough time to make everything right.

Problem solved. Weight lifted. Phewf.



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It’s my sisters wedding in just over a month. I’m the Maid of Honor, yay! Problem: We haven’t ordered or found our bridesmaid dresses. Yes, you heard right. No dresses for the maids.

We are waiting for color swatches from a site that has the exact dresses my sis is wanting for us, and it will take them a month to get us our dresses…once we order. But it’s cutting it close!

So I’m here at work, pretending to be busy, but really, I’m looking for sites that have dresses that might suit what we’re looking for. Forever 21, Anthropologie, Mod Retro, JCrew. I’ve found some options, mostly at JCrew, but they’re really expensive!

Our Wants:

  1. Long
  2. Flowy
  3. $200ish (less is even better!)
  4. Green (sage is perfect, but at this point, we’ll consider anything).

Any sites that we might find helpful? Any ideas?

Gimme Post

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I know I’ve blogged on Which Goose before, but can you blame me for wanting to feature her work again? My fave is this one, perfect for my sisters wedding with these dresses (in sage green with a white sash):


But it’s just not her style. Too bad. Maybe I can cry and get my way. Or show some cleavage. That always works with my husband.


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Being fall, it means that all my favorite TV shows (all twentyfivemillion) are back on! Cheer!

And it also means, there’s new friggen shows on that I need to become addicted to. What? Self-control? Limitation? Um, no. I’ve never heard of those words!

As you can see I have a love/hate relationship with my TV.

This is my newest on my Fave List. Rachel Zoe, moody gay boy, bitchy assistant, celebrity clients, beautiful clothes. You really can’t get much better!

Cuteness Makes You Dance

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Doesn’t this wedding just make you want to dance? Check out Style Me Pretty, one of my daily reads, as you probably know, for more pictures from this wedding. I just LOVE you last picture of the girls dresses and cowboy boots, too cute!

And those lanterns hanging from the trees?? Perfection. Love the finishing on the photos too. Lovely.

Treasure the Hearts

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My faves: Eco Chic dress, And Sometimes Y, Armour sans Anguish, Every Little Counts. I have to say though, all these items are super, but these are my faves.


Don’t you wish we could Heart people’s Favorites on Etsy? If I could, I’d Heart Every Little Count’s Favorites. I don’t think there was an item in there that I didn’t like…

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