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Read Beacuse You Love It

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I have a love for books…a love I can’t explain. I try to explain it, and it all comes out muddled and gibbered up. So instead of trying to explain it, I just shut my mouth and go to a book shop to cater to my love.




And you know what they say: “When in Rome…visit your favorite book store”. But instead of Rome, it was Lewes England. When I visited Lewes last, I was 15. And I have been dying to visit again, not only to visit family but also to see my favorite sites. This book shop was on the very top of my list.


It was exactly how I remembered it! A small door to duck into, the smell of old books, piles of books on the floors and tables….it was heaven!

Until…the owner snapped at me for taking pictures inside the shop. Apparently there were signs all over, but I had no idea! I honestly didn’t see them. But just because they had been so weird taking pictures…I took another one. Ha!


Arundel Castle

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Let me introduce you to Arundel Castle, the second biggest inhabited castle in England (the first being Windsor). And the coolest one I’ve seen to date…although “coolest” doesn’t seem like a good word to describe a castle.

Arundel is just a little ways from my Uncles house, where we were staying in England. AND one of the best parts about this castle (there were so many, but this was high on the list) is that the new film The Young Victoria was filmed there, or at least a bit of it.

The Duke and Duchess of Norfolk live in the Castle 6 months out of the year and the other six months, they open it up to the public. Although, I think that they are still there while it’s open to the public, they just don’t use the whole thing. We were able to meet their assistant butler, which was super interesting. He told us about their traditions at a formal dinner such as, how to eat a banana – slice both ends off, cut the top piece of banana peel off, and then cut little pieces of the banana and eat it with your fork. He also told us that it takes two days to set the table for a formal dinner, because of all the measuring and making sure everything is perfect (literally!).  


I loved all the little rooms and hallways through the castle, and could imagine the Dukes grandchildren just loving exploring the castle!


My absolute favorite thing about the Arundel castle was seeing Queen Mary of Scott’s ORIGINAL rosary, prayer book and pearly necklace! It was amazing to see it in person and know that Mary had held those beads and prayed over that little book. Apparently, a girl in the Norfolk’s family had been Mary’s Lady in Waiting and Queen Mary had passed these belongings off to her before she walked up to get beheaded.

Interesting stuff!


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Back home in Canada, from our EXCELLENT trip to England and Paris…I’m thoroughly refreshed with broadened horizons. But I still don’t want to be home!

Our trip was so incredible. We experienced so much and saw so much of the world. Our days were filled to the brim of sightseeing, and now that we’re home I just can’t believe that we got all that sightseeing in! We say Versailles, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, spent two full days in London, visited family, went to the beach, hiked around the countryside, visited Stonehenge, the HMS Victory…the list goes on!

I’ll be updating the blog with more stories of our travels, and pictures of course!


It’s good to be back…

A Girl’s Gotta Do…

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Lookit what I’ve bought! This wall decal from Willow Creek Signs is going to look perfect on our new light pink wall in the bedroom. Right above the cream colored bed…I can’t wait to put it up!

Then, a couple inches above our bedside tables, we’re going to hang these little pictures by Skinny Swallow. I already have one that is similar colors, but a different photo, and this Lilly Pad picture is going to look adorable on the opposite side of the bed.

I can’t wait to get these items in the mail and to start decorating our room a bit more. Once their up, I’ll actually make the bed and take a picture to share here!

I might buy this one later on…for above the dresser. Or somewhere else…I just have to have it!

Another thing I have to have: This pattern. I need to clean out my sewing room and sew a couple tops for England! I’m still stuck on what shoes to bring there though! We’re going to be doing a lot of walking…but I still want to wear my flats and sandals! What to do? Hubby thinks I’m being silly, but a girl’s gotta think about these things!

Any advice?


Monday Again…

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This past weekend was a big one! We rushed towards Edmonton and camped in the car half way, driving the rest of the way on Friday. The plan was to spend the day (we had heard that it was a 3 hour wait) in the passport office and then drive home that afternoon. Lucky for us, we only waited 45 minutes in total. Once our paperwork went through, a HUGE burden was lifted off of my shoulders. SIGH OF RELIEF!

Now we can just enjoy the rest of the planning for our trip to England (and Paris!).

Sights to see:

I’m really looking forward to all these sites, but also, just spending time with the family and relaxing at my Granddads farm is going to be a treat. There’s french doors leading onto a small stone deck and I can’t wait to sit there with a cup of tea and look out into the fields. It’s sad that Granddad won’t be there, and I’m sure it will be an emotional adjustment for me, but it’ll be nice to be back.

And my bookstore. Sigh. MY BOOKSTORE! My heart literally starts to beat faster when I think about it!

Ok. Stop daydreaming. Back to real life.

This weekend was very productive! I had an Arbonne party on Saturday afternoon which went great! One girl booked a party in a town five hours away so I’ll be going there this weekend. Totally out of my comfort zone, but I’m still excited!

Then sunday I filled my afternoon with Gocco’ing, which I’ll be sharing later and updating the shop with asap.

Happy Monday!

Book Worm

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I was reading one of my Daily Reads tonight about her Saturday and she got me thinking about books. I could spend hours and hours in a book shop, browsing the shelves, reading a chapter here, a chapter there.

One of my favorite shops to visit in Edmonton or Calgary when we go to visit, is Chapters. I get so excited just seeing the store, and going through those big wooden doors make me grin like a school kid in a candy shop.

My dream book shop though, was in Lewes, England. When I was there last, about ten years ago (wow, that makes me feel OLD!), my Uncle took me on a tour of the town. We came to a corner in the street, at the top of a cobblestone alley where book shelves stood, stacked full of books, on either side of a sunken doorway. Of course I had to take a look. Inside, after my eyes adjusted to the lack of light, the walls were lined with tall shelves, all sagging from the weight of the antique books they held. There were tables in the middle of the store, stacked high with more books, and even more books stacked on the floor beside them.

I dont’ think that I’ve posted on here but: Hubby and I are planning a trip to Europe this spring! It’s a slightly “spur of the moment” trip, and it isn’t going to be as long as I had wanted, but it will be GREAT to see my family over there and experience the culture again. I’m so in love with England it’s not even funny! And we’ll also be taking a couple day trip to Paris while we’re over there, so I’m THRILLED to see the Eiffel Tower and have crepes and wine and cheese at a Parisian cafe. I’m such a romantic!


That Little Travelling Bug

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My husband and I have been saving up for a while now to travel. I have relatives in England that we want to visit and we’re liking the idea of going to Greece…although Hubby wants to visit Germany too. We might just have to make this a Europe Tour! Ha, if only we had that much money and time to spare!

If Hubby didn’t own his own business I would be pushing to move to another country for a while. My sister just got back from Australia, she was there for a year on a work visa and visiting more of our relatives there. It really gave me the traveling itch. I’d love to get a work visa and go to another country for a year. We’d get unique jobs, ones unlike our jobs here, working in a vineyard or resort, travel around on our days off and just experience the culture.

Hubby isn’t into it as much since he has never traveled outside of Canada, let alone LIVED outside Canada….that, and his business is only now (three years into it) become stable enough to be full time. If we left now, for a year say, he’d basically have to start all over again when we got back. Which I can appreciate.

Check out this Flickr account, Alex The Girl, to see AMAZZZING pictures of Ireland. I always loved England, but was never drawn to Ireland or Scotland until I saw her pictures. Now I have to go.