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My ‘Why’

In Uncategorized on June 27, 2009 at 7:19 pm

I just posted this entry on my Facebook page and thought it would be a good thing to post here too!

I have always been an entrepreneur, always trying business ideas no matter how big or small, and I’ve always known that owning my own business would be the only way I would really be happy about my job.

That’s why when Arbonne came along, I knew I had to jump on that train! The way that Jannah explained that she was able to take months off of work to be with her new baby, and STILL get paid a full wage, really made me realize that that’s what I wanted. Besides that, there was something about this business that I trusted and I felt clarity and a nudge towards it.

Something that Grandpa keeps reminding me about is that I’ll never be happy until I’m my own boss. And if you know me, you’ll know how true this really is! I’ve been working full time since I was 16 and I’ve had at least 15 jobs since then…some of them at the same time…(Let me just clarify that I’ve only been fired from one work place…the rest I left because I wasn’t happy for various reasons).

I want to be my own boss, I want to set my own work hours, I want to earn a wage that I’m worth!, I want to take holidays when I want, I want to sleep in, I don’t want to be blamed for someone else’s mistakes, I want to stay at home with my kids and still have a full time wage coming in. And you guessed it! Arbonne offers all of this and more!

What other job can you work at and say “My wage will never stop increasing!” or “Guess what, my boss is giving me a Mercedes!” or “I get paid for my co-workers work too!”, or even “I’m headed to Mexico for an all inclusive trip paid for by my company!” 

Everyone seems to think that there are very few people who actually succeed at businesses like these…but guess what! I know and my upline personally knows MANY women, in BC, in Alberta, in small towns and big cities, that are driving their Mercedes, earning huge cheques per month and going on trips with Arbonne!

If you want it, it’s there! You just have to push forward and take it for yourself, and that’s what I’m doing. Care to join me?


If you’re curious about Arbonne and the business, listen to this link by Becky Young. It’ll only take 25 minutes aprox and it’s SO interesting! If you want to go further from there, let me know! I’d love to answer any questions you have!


Moving Forward

In Uncategorized on May 7, 2008 at 10:42 pm

I have one huge passion in my life. Entrepreneurship. I love the thought of people starting their own business from the ground up, doing something they love and are talented at and building it into a thriving full-time business. I never once, for some stupid reason, guessed that this passion would be part of my career. Don’t ask me why. I just never thought it would. Which is weird because I’m constantly encouraging others to pursue their dreams, strive towards their passions etc etc etc. When I was saying this to myself (“self, strive towards your passion!”) I never thought “encouraging others to build their own businesses is my passion”, I instead thought “I should start my own business”.

So when this new job decided to pop it’s head up and wave, I was a bit weary of it. It seemed to be what I was interested in, but not quite what I was looking for in a job. I had another interview that I was considering so I pushed this one to the side and decided that if my other interview went well I would take it. If I didn’t hear back from the interview, I would consider it confirmation that I was supposed to take the first job. I ended up taking the first job.

The more I get into this one, the more I get excited about it. It’s all about supporting new business ventures and owners, providing training and technical support and advice. Already, in the first day, I’ve seen the response and excitement from new business owners and dreamers. I can’t wait to see what the days ahead have for me; the training, the help I can give, the encouragement. I can’t wait to see the success of the businesses we help! 

Isn’t it so strange that you find another piece to your life puzzle where you weren’t expecting?

By the way, what’s the funnest thing you’ve done this week?