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Mug Shots

In crafts, etsy on September 19, 2008 at 3:00 pm

I got the camera working! Well, sort of (: I have to turn it off after every picture, then back on again for the next shot. Not great, but at least I can take pictures…kinda.            


The flowers on this mug are the ones I sketched for the last Gocco cards I made. I tried them again on this mug and a few friends have suggested I make a series around these images.


The picture above and the picture below are both the same mug. It reads “you look amazing today” and has a tea bag drawn into the mug with the tab “hanging” outside. Sometimes a girl just needs a cup of tea and a reminder that she looks great!


I made another one for my sister that says “Love is the best pick-me-up, but coffee with do for now”. It suites her perfectly (:

I’m planning on making quite a few more of these mugs and selling them at the craft fair this November. I need to find a hanger to display them on…Salvation Army should have a good one. I’ll paint it a funky color, red or orange, I’m thinking. I still need to look for a hanger for the bags, maybe I should go to the Army this afternoon.

While I’m thinking of this: What is everyone thinking about the new theme (the background) here on the KJ Blog? I like it, although there’s a couple things I need to work on (the blogroll has disappeared!) but I’d like to know what my readers are thinking! Let me know!


In etsy on August 10, 2008 at 10:00 pm



I wish I could say that I was this great gardener and all my flower bloomed full and thick every year. But no. I’m just not that girl. I killed my Thyme, it just shrivled away (good thing you’re supposed to dry it!) and I’m honestly surprised that my Fox Gloves, Holly Hocks, Lavender, tomatoes and Basil have actually made it this far. I wish I could devote myself to growing an amazing garden, but it’s not really possible when I work full time and do KatelynJane Bags on the side.

Look at these Fox Gloves! First of all, I didn’t even realize they were going to bloom this year…aren’t they supposed to bloom the second year after planting? Oh well, they’re pretty (: And then my basil is doing pretty cool too, I just love putting it in my cooking! Yum.

Speaking of which, I need to get thinking about dinner!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! The fair is in town so I’ll be taking that in and then tanning, the heat is amazing here!!