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Finding New Loves

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Just going through my blog roll and their favorites…I love doing that. Finding new blog loves and daily reads is so fun. Like a treasure box full of creative nick-nacks.

I’m Lovin

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And now for a nap.

But not for real, because my boss wouldn’t be impressed.

I can wish. But not dream, because then I’d need to close my eyes and that would lead to some zzz’s.


Treasure the Hearts

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My faves: Eco Chic dress, And Sometimes Y, Armour sans Anguish, Every Little Counts. I have to say though, all these items are super, but these are my faves.


Don’t you wish we could Heart people’s Favorites on Etsy? If I could, I’d Heart Every Little Count’s Favorites. I don’t think there was an item in there that I didn’t like…

Twitter me timber! Come see who I’m following!


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favorites1I was looking through different Etsy sellers shops and their favorites and found these great items in Armour sans Anguish’s faves. They’re all so different, I loved the combination and had to share it here!

It was great discovering Armour’s shop too, this dress, is really amazing! The colors just seize you!


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I love the Gift Guides! I was checking them out this evening, as I was watching The Mentalist (awesome show!!). They’re a great way of finding new favorites.

About Me

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Some random facts about me, just for fun:

  1. My favorite movie is Moulin Rouge.
  2. I am addicted to Vegemite…and I’m running out. I’ll need to order some from Australia soon.
  3. My favorite book is The Thirteenth Tale.
  4. I text my sister constantly. All day every day. It’s free though, so I’m not worried.
  5. My biggest pet peeve is when people don’t use their signal lights.

Also, I’ve added some new blogs to the Blog Roll:

New Faves

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Just looking for some new favorite blogs. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

Non Pareil

Apt #34

Cute Overload

Ruby Press

This is Glamorous

Tiny K

And I saw this blog featured on a couple of blogs so I had to check it out! It’s in French, but the pictures are fab! Le Blog de Betty.


Feature Friday – Faves

In etsy on September 19, 2008 at 6:00 pm


It’s friday and I’m in the mood to spend money. So I’ve been searching through my Favorites to drool over some of the items.             


This skirt is made by PinarEris, a really amazing artist on Etsy (of course!). The way this skirt is photographed is beautiful, and although my style isn’t steam-punk if it was mixed with different items it would be more ‘me’.


I’ve been looking for a lower V t-shirt for a while now and FluxProductions has exactly what I’m wanting. I love this color, the sleeves, the print…everything (:


A few years ago I went to university for a major in English and minor in Art. Before I went, I thought abstract art was a joke. I’m not sure what changed in uni but I’ve learned to love abstract stuff now. It may be that I realize the work behind it, the textures the techniques…

This piece by The Architect Studio is just stunning. I just want to study it, sit there and take it all in. Beautiful.

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Just a few items from my favorites (:

1Aeon, FosterWeld, I Heart Fink, Larime Looms, Amieking, Fuzzy Pear, Idea 2 Lifestyle, Joodito, Kateszabone, little paper bird, Old School Tools, Shezzy, Picky Picky, SL Dirks, Jengs Shop, KT Jean.

Phew, that took a while!