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I’m Likin’…

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Fifteen more minutes and my Thanksgiving Long Weekend starts!

I’ve been bored stiff here at work today, looking through¬†class=”mceItemHidden”>¬†Etsy, WordPress blogs, writing in my other blog…Take a peek at this super cool way to make stair walking more fun!

I’ll be placing another huge order from the Arbonne party I did a couple days ago. We kept it open until more girls could place outside orders, and I’m sure glad we did! At least another $500 more in products to be ordered! My parties have been rocking lately!!

Ok, off to enjoy my Friday night! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Gobble gobble!


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Looking for something fantastic for dinner tonight? What about copying Ab Chao with chicken curry (I’m making it! I don’t care what Hubby says!), with these Cheese Puffs, and a tall glass of wine?

(Picture credited to Zupas)