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I keep thinking I need to quit the blog-life. Come on Kate, just do it, spare the readers some heartbreak and tell them you’re quitting…quit stringing them along! But then I read through my blog and other blogs on my Blog Roll and I…just…can’t! I can’t quit, I love blogging and love creating and I love sharing it all!

I know it’s a bit sporadic, but I’m here and I do care about my readers, and I am trying to be more consistent.

Thanks for being patient with me and still popping by for a read. I do appreciate it!

I’m busy reading through my Blog Roll today, Design Lovely, Esta Sketch, Darling Dexter…they’re all so beautiful and completely inspiring. I love them, they make my heart feel light and happy. Sappy, I know, but totally true.



Jersey, isn’t she getting BIG? Puppies always grow up too fast!


At a summer wedding with my girls.


Just a few of the things I’ve been up to in the past little while! More to come!

Dear Friend

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I was just over at M. Writes reading her most recent post…on writing of course. And of course I got inspired! (I always feel like getting inspired from another blog is cheating because I’m not being completely unique…)

Marta was saying that some of her most treasured belongings are her written notes, from her hubby or friends.

When I was a kid, my family moved from the big city to a small logging camp where we lived for 8 months until my Dad finished his job there. I left behind one of my best friends, Rose. We had been friends since grade three and the closest of friends. We saw each other every day at school, or called each other frequently, had sleep-overs, fought over nylons, cried with each other and laughed till we had tears streaming down our faces.

Rose and I, both being romantics, decided that while I was gone we would write each other letters. But when we learned that the logging camp was only accessible by float plane and the mail wouldn’t get out very often, we decided to write our letters in journals. I would start each entry as “Dear Rose” and she would start hers as “Dear Kate“. Then when we met months later, we would trade journals.

I still have the journals I filled up, some pages with pictures of our adventures, some with funny sketches and mostly with letters to my friend Rose. Years later, when I would pick up my journal, it was still hard to not write “Dear Rose” at the top of the entry.

Rose and I are still friends, we’ve been friends for almost 16 years (if I’m doing my math right…). Even though we’re far away from each other whenever we talk it’s like we were never apart. I’m hoping I get to see her after our trip to England next month…it’ll be a great reunion!

I’m going to write her right now and see if she’d want to start up the “Dear Rose” journals again…it might be neat to do since we’re in a totally different state of life than we were before.


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I know I’ve been doing this a lot lately, but I really am so appreciative of the link love I’ve received this month! It’s so awesome that the Kj Blog is getting out there more and receiving love (:

Thanks so much to:

Wow, that was even more than I thought!! You guys are so awesome, thanks SO much for supporting the Kj Blog, showing some Link Love and having me guest blog on your site. I really really appreciate it!


Ps: These great cards are from Big Yellow Dog. Check out their great Etsy shop!

That’s Girls For Ya

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I was just thinking the other day of when my sister left for Australia. It was so hard to see her go and know that it just wasn’t for a two week trip. I had never lived a different town than her. We weren’t always close, we used to fight like crazy when we were kids, I used to scream “I must be adopted, my REAL sister wouldn’t treat me this way!” (apparently I was a drama queen).

But then we reached our later teens, boys came into the picture and we’d stay up late talking about so-and-so and how we were sure he liked me…or how that-guy had smiled at her.

Trips to Tim Hortons or shopping splurges were always on our list and we constantly phoned each other just to chat or vent about the latest event. We were pretty much attached at the hip.

I sent this movie to her when she arrived in Australia as a sad but halarious version of our goodbye…the movie was us exactly.