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Arundel Castle

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Let me introduce you to Arundel Castle, the second biggest inhabited castle in England (the first being Windsor). And the coolest one I’ve seen to date…although “coolest” doesn’t seem like a good word to describe a castle.

Arundel is just a little ways from my Uncles house, where we were staying in England. AND one of the best parts about this castle (there were so many, but this was high on the list) is that the new film The Young Victoria was filmed there, or at least a bit of it.

The Duke and Duchess of Norfolk live in the Castle 6 months out of the year and the other six months, they open it up to the public. Although, I think that they are still there while it’s open to the public, they just don’t use the whole thing. We were able to meet their assistant butler, which was super interesting. He told us about their traditions at a formal dinner such as, how to eat a banana – slice both ends off, cut the top piece of banana peel off, and then cut little pieces of the banana and eat it with your fork. He also told us that it takes two days to set the table for a formal dinner, because of all the measuring and making sure everything is perfect (literally!).  


I loved all the little rooms and hallways through the castle, and could imagine the Dukes grandchildren just loving exploring the castle!


My absolute favorite thing about the Arundel castle was seeing Queen Mary of Scott’s ORIGINAL rosary, prayer book and pearly necklace! It was amazing to see it in person and know that Mary had held those beads and prayed over that little book. Apparently, a girl in the Norfolk’s family had been Mary’s Lady in Waiting and Queen Mary had passed these belongings off to her before she walked up to get beheaded.

Interesting stuff!

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I love old pictures! Old pictures, history, facts and fiction, it’s all so exciting to me! And their clothes…their clothes are so fantastic!

I wish we had made it to England before my Granddad passed away, I was looking forward to asking him about his past adventures, his childhood and his experiences during World War II. My Dad is bringing back old pictures of Granddad and Grandma and their family and I hope to get copies of those great pictures. It’s not a replacement to the stories I was hoping to hear Granddad tell, but maybe they’re the next best thing.

When I see pictures like this I always wonder what came next. Where were they? Who was around? How did this scene play out? I imagine the story in my head like a movie.

This picture is of Hubby’s Grandma when she was a little one…kinda looks like she’s up to no good, doesn’t she? I love the lace detailing on the bottom of her skirt…and what is that chubby little hand holding onto?

I found this old picture (a reprint…but still, it was an original at some point…) and I think it’s beautiful!

It’s Beautiful!

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This weekend was beautiful, so sunny, so summer…it was perfect! We had a campfire, roasted wieners and marshmallows and didn’t even have to bundle up, we gardened and didn’t have to wear a sweater, we washed the cars and didn’t have to worry about the doors freezing shut.

Of course it was Mothers Day, so I went up to the local greenhouse to buy the moms a pot and some basil…and of course came back with things for me too! I needed to add to my foxglove collection so I purchased three more plants as well as three Hollyhock plants. I just discovered Hollyhocks and LOVE the British feel they’ll give to my garden (: Maybe I’ll add some Lupins in there as well. Annnd Grandma told me she has some Tulip bulbs she’d love to give me so those will be filling another flower bed.

I really need to buy a book on how to care for my plants. I was reading one at my mom-in-law’s last night and learned that Foxgloves and Hollyhocks love moist soil. Totally didn’t know that. It might come in handy to know these types of details…and perhaps my flowers will live longer…or actually live…

Also, I need to buy a fence or wire to go around my flower beds. At the moment my dog thinks that they are her walking path.

When I was younger (this is completely off of the above subject!) I read this book about an Egyptian slave girl. I loved it and have since been in love with the Egyptian culture and beliefs. But I can’t seem to find another novel that fills this need…I bought one in Chapters last time we were there and was not impressed at all. The concept of the book was cool, apparently translated directly from scrolls (not quite sure if this was part of the fiction or not…) but it wasn’t written well at all. I didn’t finish it.

Last night I turned on the TV and watched a show about a team of scientists finding Queen (King) Hatshepsut. SO INTERESTING!! And this show got me thinking. I love Egyptian history, I love writing, I can’t find a novel in this era that I like…why not write my own Egyptian novel?? I’m going to start with researching, reading historical textbooks and biographies and see where it gets me. I can’t commit to such a huge process right now, but it is a dream I’d like to start making reality soon.

Q: Do you have a favorite historical novel?