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Gimme Post

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Click on pics!

Greetings and Flowers

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My favorite item: Goldfish. Check out the sellers other funky item! (There’s more than one, but this one is cute).

Addictive Treasuries

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I was going to work on another Poster Sketch this evening, but I couldn’t remember if I had posted this one before! I just love the colors and items in this Sketch! I’m working on a new one and of course will be trying to get it into a Treasury, so keep checking back!

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This treasury is made by Vernon Bea. Check out the great items (:

Love This:

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In etsy on September 26, 2008 at 2:58 am

I really love all these items together! Check it out, click on the items and…leave comments? Please! (:

Another one!

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I’m on a roll!! I snatched up another Treasury last night, only this one is in the Main Treasury! Woohoo!!

Take a look!

I’ll be posting a Screen Shot of it at lunch (:

White Stuff

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Created by Me (:


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I’ve got a Treasury West!!

I’ll add a screen shot when I get home, but I just couldn’t wait to post the link!

Also, have you checked out my new blog? It’s a controversial one, let me know your thoughts (:

Screen Shot

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Ottobone, Beadyize, Tortillagirl, Allencompanyinc, Ecologicalartist, Terrygraziano, Weaselle, ao3Design, aprettyrock.

Before I even thought too much about it, I cropped the creator’s name out of this Treasury! If you’re know who it is, please let me know! I’d love to credit them and give their shop a bit more exposure!

There’s some awesome items here, I think my favorite is the shoes. SO cute!!

* NOTE: An awesome Etsy member just contacted me to let me know this WHOLE screen-shot had been published on Flickr too. The creators name is JennyBunny. Check out her cute store, full of awesome jewellery!