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Remember I said I was buying beads from Etsy? I got them! It’s always so fun getting packages in the mail (:

Here’s the shops I bought them from:

I was out of town this weekend and hoping to find a bead store, but couldn’t…I need some more chain desperately but can’t find any in town…and it would take too long to get off of Etsy. I guess my beading will have to wait a little while.

And ohmygosh. You HAVE to see this site. The photos of Lauren and Adam are seriously to die for. I’ve decided that Hubby and I are going to do a photo shoot for our anniversary. He’s not going to be pleased, but I dont’ care. If they turn out even half as incredible as these, it’ll be worth it!

Finally Doing it!

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Well, I’ve found the needle nose pliers, which is hopefully the tool I need to make a necklace (who knows, but I’ll try it and see how it goes).

See the yellow beads? I made them! They turned out pretty good, they may need a varnish of some sort, another something I have to try out.

The hubby is working tonight so I’ll be busy watching a movie and trying out some jewelry making. Oh! And I bought a bunch of beads┬átoday off of Etsy. I love getting parcels in the mail (probably half the reason I order off of Etsy!) so I can’t wait till they arrive!